History Movies

The Disturbing Truth About the Father of Motion Pictures


Brief history of the homicidal but revolutionary photographer Eadwaerd Muybridge. Told though a stop-motion puppet show.





The Battle


21 sequence shots depict moments in a defining night of the Battle of Rua Maria Antônia, in October 1968, from the point of view of the students and professors of the Left-wing Student Movement, in the Philosophy Faculty building of USP.

A Haunted Home


"A Haunted Home" returns to one of the bloodiest and most forgotten events in the annals of the State of Israel: the massacre that took place on April 11, 1974 at 15 Yehuda Halevi Street in Kiryat Shmona, in which 16 of the residents of the building were murdered by a terrorist squad. Through interviews with the survivors and family members of the murdered, alongside archival materials never before shown, the historical, political and cultural contexts of the massacre are woven together.

Donaleitis. XVIII a. Mažosios Lietuvos tautinis kostiumas


K. Donelaitis' epic "Metai", a multi-layered work. It reveals the characters, relationships and behaviour of the inhabitants of 18th century Lithuania Minor, their work, household details, drawings of nature, descriptions of national costumes...

A Mad Woman


HK horror film.

The Day of Retribution


Lithuania in the 19th century: While the first railway-road is built from Warsaw to Moscow throughout the country people are still facing slavery and oppression from the elite. A fight between the Robin-Hood-like gang leader Laurynas and the greedy landowner Laurnyas emerges.

Lei Dentro, Lei Fora


The documentary portrays all the evident contradictions, mainly within the Assembly in a heavy environment, where deputy Lúcia Arruda, pregnant, was a single voice in the middle of an almost exclusively male legislative house - the aggressiveness, including physical, of this bunch of men claiming to care for life.

Evidence of Absence


Photography has the ability to reconstruct the past and does so through the memory of a narrator, that is, someone who was present at the time of the portrait, or who has a deep understanding of its context. Evidência da Falta is a documentary that explores this aspect of photography, delving into the complex relationship between the individual, emotion, and recollection.

The Royal Taste


This Short Documentary is about the History of the cuisine of the North Indian state of Rajasthan.

Dante from Wilamowice


A story of a small town in southern Poland, residents of which immigrated to Poland in the 13th century from the present territories of the Netherlands and Belgium. Some of the residents still speak their ancient language.

As Kineastas


Based on interviews with 15 women, including directors, producers and film actresses, a journey around the world is made, seeing the wars waged by each one against economic and political repression, bombs, police dogs, censors, etc. Images from England, New York, Brazil, South Africa.

Shogun Iemitsu Shinobi Tabi


Shogun Iemitsu Shinobi Tabi was a pair of television jidaigeki series on TV Asahi in Japan. The first aired in 1990–1991 and the sequel in 1992–1993. Kunihiko Mitamura portrayed Tokugawa Iemitsu in both series. The show premiered on October 13, 1990, as an off-season replacement for the popular Abarenbo Shogun. It shared several cast members with Abarenbo Shogun, including Reiko Takashima, Ayako Tanaka and some minor guest actors. The final episode aired on March 30, 1991. The sequel ran during the same months of 1992–1993.

Samurai of Hachiman


A mysterious swordsman called Hatokuro Yawata (Ken Matsudaira) who appeared from somewhere with white pigeons is actually Naotada Ii, the lord of Hikone Han. He was told that he had an older brother of twin by his mother on her deathbed. Hatokuro pretended to be a citizen in Edo and searched for his brother. However, in Edo, Murasaki Gumi, led by the mysterious Murasaki had power and used it as they like. One day, Hatokuro saved Okyu whose office-worker father was killed from Sanjuro Akaseki of Murasakigumi. It brought about a fierce fight between Murasaki and Hatokuro. What is the identity of Murasaki!?

The Law of Hell


At a restaurant called Anrakutei on an island is a wasteland surrounded by moat and swamp. The owner Ikuzo manages the restaurant with his daughter. It’s customers who have a dark past have utmost respect for Ikuzo. One day, a half-dead man Tomijiro comes to the restaurant. This is the beginning of Ikuzo’s terrible fight.

The King and His Vassal 2


The fish market is to be moved to Shinagawa, and Tasuke Isshin (Jun Inoue) got in trouble. Hikosaemon Ookubo (Eijiro Tono) heard of it from Tasuke, and ask about it to Iemitsu (Ken Tanaka). However, on the contrary, Hikosaemon received penitence for a bribe that he doesn't know.

The King and His Vassal


This is a story of "Takechiyo," the previous name of Iemitsu Tokunaga, the third Shogun (General). Takechiyo (Ken Tanaka) got sick of daily run-of-the-mill tasks, and it put him off being the Shogun, saying "there is no truth". Then, Hikozaemon Ookubo (Eijiro Tono) took him to Tasuke Isshin (Jun Inoue) to bring him up into a full-fledged and admirable man.

Pinwheel Hamakichi’s Spell 2


Hamakichi, who used to be a detective is now a toy merchant. His former boss has a grudge against the Yakuza family, which leads to the murder of a policeman in Edo. This places Hamakichi between the rock and a hard place.

The Wandering Soul


At night, deep in the jungle during the Vietnam War, eerie sounds were used to represent the dead. The U.S. military would broadcast an audio mix called Wandering Soul (also known as Ghost Tape Number 10) to try to persuade North Vietnamese troops to go home. It exploited the Buddhist belief that once a person dies, his body must be buried in the family plot or his soul will wander aimlessly. A visual aid by Smithsonian Magazine.
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"Hellstorm" is a documentary film released in 2015 that examines the lesser-known aspects of World War II. The film explores the brutal and often overlooked events that occurred during and after the war, shedding light on the widespread destruction, suffering, and human tragedy experienced by both combatants and civilians. The documentary offers a perspective that challenges traditional narratives, aiming to provide a comprehensive view of the war's impact on various countries and populations. Through archival footage, interviews, and historical analysis, "Hellstorm" paints a grim portrait of the war's aftermath, while also touching on themes of survival, resilience, and the complexities of historical memory. The film seeks to offer a thought-provoking look at a different side of World War II history.