Western Movies

Lure of the Wasteland


A "special" by Monogram standards, Lure of the Wasteland was lensed in a not inexpensive process called Telco-color. Grant Withers takes a break from his duties in the "Mister Wong" series to play Smitty, a US marshal assigned to track down $250,000 in stolen bonds.

Fugitive from Sonora


In this western, a paroled desperado and his twin, a preacher, wander about the Old West to bring "salvation." The parson begins trying to help a gang leader's niece whose uncle has been forcing parolees to join him or return to prison. Naturally he tries to rope the paroled twin into his gang.
star 5

Beyond the Pecos


Beyond the Pecos


star 5
Rancher Lew Remington is at odds with longtime rival Bob Randall. The two men battle over rights of oil land that borders both their properties.

Days of Old Cheyenne


Clint Ross's skill at fisticuffs earns him the town marshal's job in Cheyenne. Thanks to the string-pulling of political boss Big Bill Harmon, Ross makes it all the way up to the governor's office. But when Ross figures out that Big Bill is a big crook, it's showdown time.

No Mercy for the Hunted


A desperado is wanted by both the law and a gang of outlaws.

Ahora mis pistolas hablan


star 5
A man has his tongue cut out by bad guys, later tracks them all down, and kills them one by one.

West of El Dorado


Johnny and Alibi try to straighten out a hostile young boy whose older brother was a notorious stagecoach bandit. When a gang of thieves try to strong-arm the kid into revealing the whereabouts of the stolen loot, Johnny and Alibi come to the rescue. There's a cursory romantic subplot involving heroine Mary and Barstow.

Wild Horse Round-Up


Doan is trying to get control of the valley by having his night riders drive the ranchers out. Jack Benson hires on at the Williams ranch, the one ranch Doan must have. When Benson learns that Doan is the boss of the night riders, he joins up with him. He has a plan that both saves Williams' ranch and also brings Doan to justice.

The Running Gun


When a guinfighter drifts into a small Arizona town offering his gun for hire he finds what life is all about and that his has been wasted.

Si quieres vivir... dispara


Jimmy is in pursuit of outlaw Marco but stops and helps farmers battle a greedy landowner who is attempting to buy up and control the entire region.

Texas Wildcats


Lightning Bill Carson and sidekick Magpie are after Burrows, the man that killed a friend of theirs. Burrows is after the Arden ranch and his gang are rustling their cattle. Bill is robbing Burrows while posing as the mysterious Phantom and it's not long before the two collide.

Road Agent


Summarily accused of murder, drifters Duke (Foran), Pancho (Carrillo) and Andy (Devine) are tossed into the hoosegow, only to be released when their alibi checks out. Far from offended by his ill treatment, Duke agrees to take the job of sheriff, retaining Pancho and Andy as his deputies. The gruesome threesome then sets about to solve a series of mysterious Wells Fargo robberies
star 3

Pinto Canyon


Pinto Canyon


star 3
In his final Western for Poverty Row's Metropolitan Pictures, Bob Steele played Bob Hall, a lawman looking into a series of cattle rustlings. The leader of the rustlers, rancher Farley (Ted Adams), hires killer Pete Childers (George Cheseboro) to impersonate a deputy sheriff and gain Sheriff Hall's confidence.

Stone of Silver Creek


In perhaps the most tranquil B-Western of the 1930s, Buck Jones, who also produced, plays the tough but goodhearted proprietor of the Bonanza, the only gambling establishment in otherwise God-fearing Silver Creek. Noel Francis, who used to play blonde schemers in Warner Bros. gangster films, earns second billing as the casino's equally goodhearted chanteuse.

Hawaiian Buckaroo


Cowboys live amidst Hawaiian scenery and song.

The Ballad of Immortal Joe


THE BALLAD OF IMMORTAL JOE is the third "chapter" of Beastly Bards, written with a nod to traditional cowboy songs and to the northern ballads of Robert W. Service. "Immortal Joe" puts a haunted twist on a tragically romantic Western. Voiced by the wonderful Canadian actor Kenneth Welsh (Twin Peaks, The Aviator, The Day After Tomorrow). Produced in partnership with our awesome friends at Varipix, The Ballad Of Immortal Joe is the third "chapter" in the silly rhyme collection "Beastly Bards".

Rounding Up the Law


Larry Connell arrives in a border town run by Sheriff Bull Weyman and Branch Doughty. Connell wins the sheriff's ranch at draw poker, but Weyman uses his influence with Judge Hyland to have Larry declared bankrupt. Larry attempts to fight foul with fair, but the sale of his cattle pushes him over the edge. Larry holds up Doughty and subsequently gets arrested, but escapes, intending to blow up the sheriff's office.

Riddle Ranch


Rigging a horse race, Don Carlos wins a lot of money. When he loses his winnings at the gambling table, he shoots the dealer with Horton's gun. Horton is arrested but cannot prove his innocence.