Women From Mars

Women From Mars (2002)


A hairdresser, a village leader and a veterinarian each have girlfriends but still insist on playing the field. One night, a demon spirit arrives to teach them a lesson by taking their "goods" away. To get their "goods" back, the trio must each have a woman tell them "I love you."

Women From Mars Trailer

  • Ekin Cheng

    as Tom Kan
  • Michael Wong

    as Michael Niu
  • Cheung Tat-Ming

    as Niu Siu Bo
  • Qu Ying

    as DJ Kitty
  • Audrey Fang

    as CiCi
  • Louis Koo

    as Servant of Hell
  • Ruby Wong

    as Ruby
  • Shu Qi

    as Messenger of Hell
  • Francis Ng

    as Fernando
  • Stephen Fung

    as Brad Pit
  • Kristy Yang

    as Kristy
  • Pinky Cheung

    as Pinky
  • Yiu-Cheung Lai

    as Fung
  • Josie Ho

    as Tom's ex-girlfriend
  • Jason Chu

    as Gangster in hell
Writing Manfred Wong Writer
Directing Andrew Lau Director
Directing Raymond Yip Wai-Man Director
Writing Matt Chow Writer
Writing Chau Ting Writer