The Visitors II: The Corridors of Time

The Visitors II: The Corridors of Time (1998)

They come back!

star 6/10
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The sequel to The Visitors reunites us with those lovable ruffians from the French Medieval ages who - through magic - are transported into the present, with often drastic consequences. Godefroy de Montmirail travels to today to recover the missing family jewels and a sacred relic, guarantor of his wife-to-be's fertility. The confrontation between Godefroy's repellent servant Jack the Crack and his descendent, the effete Jacquart, present-day owner of the chateau, further complicates the matter.

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The Visitors II: The Corridors of Time Photos

  • Christian Clavier

    as Jacquouille la Fripouille / Jacques-Henri Jacquard / Prosper le Purineur / Jacouillet
  • Jean Reno

    as Comte Godefroy de Montmirail, dit Godefroy le Hardi
  • Marie-Anne Chazel

    as Ginette
  • Christian Bujeau

    as Jean-Pierre Goulard
  • Muriel Robin

    as Frénégonde / Béatrice
  • Claire Nadeau

    as Cora de Montmirail
  • Armelle

    as Pétronille
  • Jean-Luc Caron

    as Ganelon
  • Patrick Burgel

    as Duc Fulbert
  • Eric Averlant

    as Brother Raoul
  • Pierre Vial

    as Eusaebe / Monsieur Ferdinand
  • Franck-Olivier Bonnet

    as Boniface
  • Philippe Morier-Genoud

    as Frère Ponce
  • Philippe Nahon

    as Le gérant du supermarché
  • Olivier Claverie

    as Le médecin
  • Olga Sékulic

    as Hilda
  • Jean-Paul Muel

    as Maréchal des Logis Gibon
  • Christian Pereira

    as Capitaine Batardet
  • Jacques François

    as Le mari de Gisèle
  • Sylvie Joly

    as Gisèle
  • Michèle Garcia

    as Madame Frangin
  • Mireille Franchino

    as Mariette
  • Didier Bénureau

    as L'interne Beauvin
  • Georges Téran

    as Le chef des pompiers
  • Rodolphe Sand

    as Pompier René
  • Philippe Beglia

    as Duc de Luigny
  • Marie Guillard

    as Philippine de Montmirail
  • Laurent Gendron

    as Le pompiste
  • Arielle Sémenoff

    as Jacqueline
  • Frédéric Baptiste

    as Freddy
  • Louba Guertchikoff

    as La maman d'Odette
  • Laurence Badie

    as Odette
  • David Gabison

    as Le maître d'hôtel
  • Théophile Sowié

    as Le postier
  • Josette Ménard

    as La maman de Dany
Writing Christian Clavier Screenplay
Writing Jean-Marie Poiré Screenplay
Directing Jean-Marie Poiré Director
Production Alain Terzian Producer
Sound Eric Levi Music
Sound Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Music