The Specter

The Specter (2005)


Spectre is a 2005 Tokusatsu short film created by Konami. Spectre stars Shinji Kasahara in the lead role as Tetsuya Teresaki, codename Spectre. The movie chronicles D.O.E Agent Tetsuya who, after dealing with a mission involving tracking a fugitive alien, is sent on a new mission to deal with alien invaders trying to steal an alien artifact from a local archaeological research site.

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Sound Yasunori Mitsuda Music
Crew Yoshinao Aonuma Stunts
Directing Junya Okabe Director
Writing Junya Okabe Writer
Crew Junya Okabe CG Supervisor
Sound Kazumi Mitome Music
Visual Effects Hajime Koyasu Visual Effects
Visual Effects Takashi Kuwabara Visual Effects