The Madness and Misadventures of Munchausen

The Madness and Misadventures of Munchausen (2008)


This is an all new feature length documentary, with interviews from almost everyone involved with the production of the film. Gilliam never shies away from the truth, even when it comes to himself, and so this documentary is self-effacing and refreshingly frank. The documentary details not only the battles Gilliam had with Columbia in getting the film finished and released, but also the imagination and innovation that went into the production.

The Madness and Misadventures of Munchausen Trailer

  • Terry Gilliam

    as Self - Director & Writer
  • Charles McKeown

    as Self - Co-Writer & 'Adolphus'
  • Jonathan Pryce

    as Self / Horatio Jackson
  • Eric Idle

    as Self - 'Berthold'
  • Thomas Schühly

    as Self - Producer (as Thomas Schuhly)
  • Steve Abbott

    as Self - Executive Producer, Prominent Features
  • David V. Picker

    as Self - Former President, Columbia Pictures (as David Picker)
  • Richard Soames

    as Self - President, Film Finances
  • Dante Ferretti

    as Self - Production Designer
  • Lee Cleary

    as Self - First Assistant Director
  • John Neville

    as Self - 'Baron Munchausen'
  • Margery Simkin

    as Self - US Casting Director
  • Sarah Polley

    as Self - 'Sally Salt'
  • Bill Paterson

    as Self - 'Henry Salt'
  • Robin Williams

    as Self
  • Irene Lamb

    as Self - UK Casting Director
  • Peter Hollywood

    as Self - Editor
  • Joyce Herlihy

    as Self - Production Executive
  • Kent Houston

    as Self - Optical Effects Supervisor, Peerless Camera
Directing Constantine Nasr Director