Not in Textbooks

Not in Textbooks (2016)

star 3
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The romantic comedy and drama follows the manga of the same name and follows the adventures of cute and coquettish schoolgirl Shirabaka Aya and nerd of a man Tairaku Arihiko. There is a problem or two. Aya loves Arihiko. Arihiko is a school teacher. Aya is a student at the school. Aya's father is a yakuza thug. Aya and Arihiko live in the same apartment. Aya is hot. Arihiko could lose his job.

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Not in Textbooks Photos

Production Koji Hoshino Executive Producer
Camera Kenichi Negishi Director of Photography
Crew Kenichi Negishi Cinematography
Crew Kazuto Okada Creator
Writing Kazuto Okada Comic Book
Production Takeshi Katayama Producer
Production Kenji Komatsu Executive Producer
Writing Shota Sasaki Screenplay
Directing Shota Sasaki Director
Writing Tomonori Sasaki Screenplay
Editing Taichiro Natsume Editor
Production Koji Kikuchi Producer
Production Toshiaki Morihara Producer