Naughty Boys

Naughty Boys (2002)


The first film by Kôichi Imaizumi is a nighttime drama taking place in Shinjuku, Tokyo’s gay district. Gacchan is marking his birthday and his partner Takayuki is waiting for him at home so they can celebrate. However, not only does Gacchan forget about his partner but he is also flirting with others in the hood. Takayuki leaves their apartment and embarks on a night journey that will lead him to cheat on his partner. Will they be able to rehabilitate their relationship? Koichi creates an honest and effective film about partnership, sexuality and identity in a world full of endless temptations. A low budget independent work presenting rarely seen aspects of Japanese cinema.

Naughty Boys Trailer

  • Yuji Kuwa

  • Akio Yoshioka

  • Kôichi Imaizumi

  • Kazuhisa Iriuchijima

Directing Kôichi Imaizumi Director