Weathering with You

Weathering with You (2019)

A story about the secret of this world that only I and she know.

star 8.0
From 1,698 Ratings
7.5 72 92%


The summer of his high school freshman year, Hodaka runs away from his remote island home to Tokyo, and quickly finds himself pushed to his financial and personal limits. The weather is unusually gloomy and rainy every day, as if taking its cue from his life. After many days of solitude, he finally finds work as a freelance writer for a mysterious occult magazine. Then, one day, Hodaka meets Hina on a busy street corner. This bright and strong-willed girl possesses a strange and wonderful ability: the power to stop the rain and clear the sky.

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Art Hiroshi Katou Background Designer
Writing Makoto Shinkai Screenplay
Directing Makoto Shinkai Director
Editing Makoto Shinkai Editor
Art Makoto Shinkai Storyboard Artist
Sound Toru Noguchi Foley Artist
Sound Eiko Morikawa Sound Effects
Production Genki Kawamura Producer
Art Nizou Yamamoto Painter
Production Minami Ichikawa Executive Producer
Visual Effects Kenichi Tsuchiya Key Animation
Production Noritaka Kawaguchi Executive Producer
Art Kazuo Ogura Background Designer
Art Yuji Kaneko Background Designer
Art Hiroshi Gouroku Background Designer
Visual Effects Susumu Mitsunaka Key Animation
Visual Effects Shunsuke Hirota Key Animation
Visual Effects Kazuyoshi Onoda Key Animation
Visual Effects Masafumi Yokota Key Animation
Visual Effects Tsutomu Awata Key Animation
Sound Yojiro Noda Original Music Composer
Sound Yojiro Noda Songs
Sound Yojiro Noda Theme Song Performance
Visual Effects Shuichi Kaneko Key Animation
Art Osamu Masuyama Background Designer
Visual Effects Taisuke Iwasaki Key Animation
Art Atsushi Yokoyama Background Designer
Sound Toko Miura Theme Song Performance
Visual Effects Touko Yatabe Key Animation
Sound Haru Yamada Sound Director
Sound Haru Yamada Sound Recordist
Sound Tsutomu Sukigara Foley Artist
Art Yasuomi Kishi Background Designer
Art Hiroshi Takiguchi Art Direction
Art Hiroshi Takiguchi Background Designer
Art Hiroshi Takiguchi Art Designer
Art Yohei Takamatsu Background Designer
Visual Effects Minoru Ohashi Key Animation
Visual Effects Yuki Kawashita Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Tatsuya Miki Key Animation
Camera Ryosuke Tsuda Director of Photography
Visual Effects Chiyoko Ueno Key Animation
Visual Effects Nobuyuki Takeuchi Key Animation
Production Yoshihiro Furusawa Executive Producer
Crew Chiemi Irisa Special Effects
Art Sayuri Yoshida Painter
Visual Effects Masayoshi Tanaka Character Designer
Visual Effects Takao Maki Key Animation
Art Yoshiyuki Shikano Background Designer
Visual Effects Kazuya Iwai Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Shuichi Kitayama Key Animation
Visual Effects Hiroko Yaguchi Key Animation
Art Emi Kesamaru Background Designer
Visual Effects Takashi Tomioka Key Animation
Visual Effects Tatsuya Oka Key Animation
Visual Effects Keiichiro Matsui Key Animation
Art Akiko Majima Background Designer
Sound Akira Kuwahara Theme Song Performance
Sound Yusuke Takeda Theme Song Performance
Sound Satoshi Yamaguchi Theme Song Performance
Art Tasuku Watanabe Assistant Art Director
Art Tasuku Watanabe Background Designer
Art Tasuku Watanabe Art Designer
Visual Effects Yoko Miki Color Designer
Directing Yoko Miki Assistant Director
Visual Effects Yoko Miki Compositing Artist
Sound Yoichiro Kanesada Music Editor
Visual Effects Hisayuki Tabata Key Animation
Art Atsushi Satomi Background Designer
Visual Effects Maho Takagi Key Animation
Visual Effects Jumi Lee VFX Artist
Art Jumi Lee Prop Designer
Costume & Make-Up Jumi Lee Costume Designer
Visual Effects Jumi Lee Compositing Artist
Art Takumi Tanji Background Designer
Visual Effects Shigeru Kimishima Key Animation
Art Satoko Nakamura Background Designer
Visual Effects Satoko Nakamura Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Hirofumi Masuda Key Animation
Visual Effects Kazuko Shibata Key Animation
Visual Effects Takayo Nishimura Key Animation
Sound Yuki Hayashi Sound Effects
Sound Takahisa Ishino Sound Effects
Visual Effects Naoki Kobayashi Key Animation
Art Hisako Saitou Background Designer
Art Yuko Matsui Prop Designer
Visual Effects Yuko Matsui Key Animation
Costume & Make-Up Yuko Matsui Costume Designer
Visual Effects Tomoyo Nishida Key Animation
Directing Kenji Imura Second Unit Director
Art Yoshikazu Fukutome Background Designer
Visual Effects Yoshie Hayashi Key Animation
Art Hisako Akagi Background Designer
Art Akira Honma Prop Designer
Art Yumi Ishii Background Designer
Art Toshie Honda Background Designer
Visual Effects Atsushi Tamura Animation Director
Visual Effects Atsushi Tamura Character Designer
Art Akiko Kazato Background Designer
Art Mizuka Ueda Background Designer
Art Shinsuke Kinoshita Background Designer
Art Yu Tajima Background Designer
Art Yuna Murooka Assistant Art Director
Art Yuna Murooka Background Designer
Art Minako Shimada Background Designer
Visual Effects Masahiko Yagi Compositing Artist
Art Toshihiko Goto Background Designer
Art Akira Hirosawa Background Designer
Art Kaori Izumiya Background Designer
Art Sachiko Kadono Background Designer
Visual Effects Misato Kishino Key Animation
Art Mariko Kohara Background Designer
Art Masae Kurosawa Background Designer
Visual Effects Yuka Matsumura Key Animation
Visual Effects Emi Matsunaga Key Animation
Visual Effects Ryosuke Mizuno Key Animation
Art Kenta Nakajima Background Designer
Art Eriko Nakamura Background Designer
Art Mirai Saito Background Designer
Visual Effects Asahi Takeuchi Key Animation
Art Kaoru Takino Background Designer
Art Kaoru Takino Art Designer
Art Yuho Tomozawa Background Designer
Art Leonardo Ken Usami Background Designer
Visual Effects Sanae Yamamoto Key Animation
Sound Sayoko Narukawa Music Producer
Visual Effects Hidetsugu Ito Creature Design
Visual Effects Hidetsugu Ito Key Animation
Visual Effects Yuriko Ishii Key Animation
Art Minami Kasuga Background Designer
Art Hirofumi Sakagami Background Designer
Visual Effects Daichi Iseki Compositing Artist
Production Wakana Okamura Producer
Visual Effects Keita Nagahara Key Animation
Visual Effects Hiroyuki Chiba Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Yuuga Tokuno Key Animation
Directing Yuuga Tokuno Second Unit Director
Visual Effects Manabu Kadouno Compositing Artist
Art Natsue Muramoto Background Designer
Art Tamiko Kanamori Background Designer
Art Daiki Kuribayashi Background Designer
Art Yasuhiro Yamane Background Designer
Visual Effects Xiao Zhu Key Animation
Visual Effects Saeko Ozawa Key Animation
Visual Effects Yuki Hayashi Key Animation
Art Kim Jeong-ryeon Background Designer
Visual Effects Rena Ono Key Animation
Visual Effects Mamoru Otake Key Animation
Art Yuki Funagakure Background Designer
Art Kumiko Watanabe Background Designer
Visual Effects Hiroo Nagano Key Animation
Visual Effects Kazumasa Ishikawa Key Animation
Art Chihiro Gotou Background Designer
Visual Effects Luke Asuka Okamoto Key Animation
Art Shingo Kanai Background Designer
Visual Effects Kouta Mori Key Animation
Art Kinichi Okubo Background Designer
Visual Effects Masahiro Sato Key Animation
Visual Effects Tatsuya Sakurai Key Animation
Visual Effects Kazuki Chiba Key Animation
Crew Masayoshi Sugai Mixing Engineer
Visual Effects Shigehito Tsuji Key Animation
Visual Effects Ryouichi Kaida Key Animation
Visual Effects Yoshiyuki Saotome Key Animation
Visual Effects Hiroko Yasutome Key Animation
Visual Effects Ai Nakanishi Key Animation
Visual Effects Yukari Kaku Key Animation
Visual Effects Masaki Hiraoka Key Animation
Visual Effects Tomoe Kikuchi Key Animation
Visual Effects Chie Tanaka Key Animation
Visual Effects Takahiro Yamakita Key Animation
Art Koushi Nakamura Background Designer
Art Taketo Gonpei Background Designer
Art Rensei Yamamoto Background Designer
Art Jun Osano Background Designer
Art Kazuki Niwa Background Designer
Art Tram Anh Background Designer
Art Ngoc Thanh Background Designer
Art Phan Diem Trang Background Designer
Art Tran Hoang Bao Vy Background Designer
Art Attachai Boonsmai Background Designer
Art Rungrat Khankaew Background Designer
Art Mineaki Sugata Background Designer
Art Tomoya Asami Background Designer
Art Bicester Singa Background Designer
Art Chie Akitake Background Designer
Art Nguyen Quoc Background Designer
Art Ngoc Tho Background Designer
Art Thu Yen Background Designer
Crew Shintaro Nakamura Thanks
Art Chihiro Okawa Background Designer
Art Ken Nakamura Background Designer
Art Hiroaki Hirata Background Designer
Art Miyoshi Makiya Background Designer
Sound Kurumi Tamura Sound Effects
Sound Rio Sato Sound Effects
Sound Airi Kobayashi Sound Effects
Art Maiko Ikeda Background Designer
Art Nguyen Thanh Trung Background Designer
Visual Effects Miki Nunoyama Compositing Artist
Art Ryuta Hayashi Background Designer
Production Kinue Itou Producer
Production Kazuki Sunami Associate Producer
Art Pham Quan Background Designer
Editing Keigo Fukuda Online Editor
Art Sakura Haruno Background Designer
Art Kang Seung-chan Background Designer
Art Chika Ishida Background Designer
Art Ken Okada Background Designer
Art Yuki Umino Background Designer
Art Bui Minh Phuoc Background Designer
Art Nguyen Thi Thu Hoa Background Designer
Visual Effects Yuka Yamajo Compositing Artist
Art Ngoc Hoang Background Designer
Art Truong Hoang Long Background Designer
Art Hiroto Murata Background Designer
Art Anri Ishida Background Designer
Art Shintaro Inoue Background Designer
Art Lin Hong-sheng Background Designer
Editing Nobuhiro Nagayoshi Online Editor
Production Yoshinobu Obida Publicist