Toy Story 2

Toy Story 2 (1999)

The toys are back!

star 7.6
From 12,430 Ratings
7.9 88 100%


Andy heads off to Cowboy Camp, leaving his toys to their own devices. Things shift into high gear when an obsessive toy collector named Al McWhiggen, owner of Al's Toy Barn kidnaps Woody. Andy's toys mount a daring rescue mission, Buzz Lightyear meets his match and Woody has to decide where he and his heart truly belong.

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    Writing Andrew Stanton Screenplay
    Writing Andrew Stanton Original Story
    Editing Lee Unkrich Editor
    Directing Lee Unkrich Co-Director
    Production Graham Walters Production Manager
    Crew David Reynolds Additional Writing
    Directing John Lasseter Director
    Writing John Lasseter Original Story
    Editing David Ian Salter Editor
    Editing Richard Halsey Additional Editing
    Sound Gary Rydstrom Sound Designer
    Sound Gary Rydstrom Sound Re-Recording Mixer
    Visual Effects Kori Rae Animation Manager
    Visual Effects Jill Culton Character Designer
    Sound Randy Newman Original Music Composer
    Sound Randy Newman Orchestrator
    Editing Jim Stewart Additional Editing
    Visual Effects Harley Jessup Visual Development
    Crew Glenn McQueen Supervising Animator
    Visual Effects Rich Quade Animation
    Lighting Jean-Claude Kalache Lighting Supervisor
    Visual Effects Eben Ostby Character Modelling Supervisor
    Art Sophie Vincelette Set Dresser
    Production Ruth Lambert Casting
    Production Mary Hidalgo Casting
    Crew Samuel Lord Black Software Engineer
    Visual Effects Bud Luckey Character Designer
    Visual Effects Ken Mitchroney Character Designer
    Visual Effects Angus MacLane Animation
    Art Bryn Imagire Art Direction
    Visual Effects Bryn Imagire Shading
    Visual Effects Glenn Kim CG Painter
    Visual Effects Laura Phillips CG Painter
    Visual Effects Yvonne Herbst CG Painter
    Visual Effects Robin Cooper CG Painter
    Visual Effects Randy Berrett CG Painter
    Visual Effects Randy Berrett Character Designer
    Visual Effects Gary Schultz Modeling
    Visual Effects Nathaniel McLaughlin Character Designer
    Art Jerome Ranft Sculptor
    Art Norm DeCarlo Sculptor
    Crew Patrick Lin Sequence Leads
    Crew Shawn Brennan Sequence Leads
    Crew Gregg Olsson Sequence Leads
    Directing Derek Williams Layout
    Art Derek Williams Set Dresser
    Directing Robert Anderson Layout
    Directing Mark Sanford Layout
    Crew Jeremy Lasky Sequence Leads
    Visual Effects Billy Merritt Animation
    Visual Effects Brett Pulliam Animation
    Visual Effects Bret 'Brook' Parker Animation
    Visual Effects Gini Cruz Santos Animation
    Art Jon Childress Farmer Set Dresser
    Costume & Make-Up David Eisenmann Set Dressing Supervisor
    Crew Sarah Jo Helton Schedule Coordinator
    Visual Effects Doug Sweetland Animation
    Visual Effects Scott Clark Animation
    Visual Effects Andrew Gordon Animation
    Visual Effects Shawn Krause Animation
    Visual Effects Jeff Pratt Animation
    Visual Effects David DeVan Animation
    Visual Effects Stephen Gregory Animation
    Visual Effects John Kahrs Animation
    Visual Effects Bobby Podesta Animation
    Visual Effects Kyle Balda Animation Director
    Visual Effects Stephen Barnes Animation
    Visual Effects Michael Berenstein Animation
    Visual Effects Brett Coderre Animation
    Visual Effects Jimmy Hayward Animation
    Visual Effects Nancy Kato Animation
    Visual Effects Bobby Beck Animation
    Visual Effects Tim Crawfurd Animation
    Visual Effects Ike Feldman Animation
    Visual Effects Karen Kiser Animation
    Visual Effects Wendell Lee Animation
    Visual Effects Daniel Mason Animation
    Visual Effects James Ford Murphy Animation
    Visual Effects Robert H. Russ Animation
    Visual Effects Patty Kihm Stevenson Animation
    Visual Effects David Tart Animation
    Visual Effects Jon Mead Animation
    Visual Effects Peter Nash Animation
    Visual Effects Sanjay Patel Animation
    Visual Effects Alan Sperling Animation
    Visual Effects Ross Stevenson Animation
    Visual Effects J. Warren Trezevant Animation
    Visual Effects Adam Wood Animation
    Visual Effects Tasha Wedeen Animation
    Visual Effects Kureha Yokoo Animation
    Visual Effects Paul Mendoza Fix Animator
    Visual Effects Jenni Tsoi Animation Fix Coordinator
    Editing Ken Schretzmann Additional Editing
    Crew Robert Grahamjones Second Film Editor
    Editing Torbin Xan Bullock Additional Editorial Assistant
    Editing Katherine Ringgold Additional Editorial Assistant
    Editing Axel Geddes Additional Editorial Assistant
    Editing Chris Vallance Additional Editorial Assistant
    Editing Mark Yeager Additional Editorial Assistant
    Editing Luis Alvarez y Alvarez Additional Editorial Assistant
    Editing Jack Curtis Dubowsky Additional Editorial Assistant
    Visual Effects Christian Hoffman Modeling
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    Visual Effects Mark Adams Modeling
    Visual Effects James Bancroft Modeling
    Visual Effects Paul Aichele Modeling
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    Visual Effects Daniel McCoy Shading
    Visual Effects Ben Jordan Shading
    Visual Effects David Batte Shading
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    Visual Effects Lauren Alpert Modeling
    Lighting Lauren Alpert Master Lighting Artist
    Crew Brad Andalman Software Engineer
    Crew Rob Cook Software Engineer
    Crew Bena Currin Software Engineer
    Crew Thomas Hahn Software Engineer
    Crew John Alex Software Engineer
    Crew Ronen Barzel Software Engineer
    Crew Tom Duff Software Engineer
    Camera Perrin Cutting Camera Department Manager
    Camera Louis Rivera Camera Supervisor
    Crew Drew Rogge Software Engineer
    Camera Don Conway Camera Technician
    Crew David DiFrancesco Photoscience Manager
    Production Catherine Roehl Production Accountant
    Crew Erik Forman Information Systems Manager
    Crew Paul Cichocki Post Production Supervisor
    Sound Doc Kane ADR & Dubbing
    Sound Michael Silvers Supervising Sound Editor
    Sound Shannon Mills Sound Effects Editor
    Sound Dennie Thorpe Foley
    Sound Jana Vance Foley
    Sound Bruno Coon Supervising Music Editor
    Writing Pete Docter Original Story
    Visual Effects Ash Brannon Animation
    Writing Ash Brannon Original Story
    Directing Ash Brannon Co-Director
    Visual Effects Ash Brannon Character Designer
    Writing Rita Hsiao Screenplay
    Writing Doug Chamberlin Screenplay
    Writing Chris Webb Screenplay
    Production Karen Robert Jackson Producer
    Production Sarah McArthur Executive Producer
    Production Helene Plotkin Producer
    Camera Sharon Calahan Director of Photography
    Editing Edie Ichioka Editor
    Art William Cone Production Design
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    Sound Lisa Jaime Music Editor
    Crew Galyn Susman Supervising Technical Director
    Sound Ira Hearshen Orchestrator
    Editing Mildred Iatrou Additional Editing
    Editing Lindsey Collins Editorial Manager
    Production Mickie McGowan ADR Voice Casting
    Visual Effects Colin Brady Character Designer
    Sound Ronald G. Roumas Sound Recordist
    Visual Effects Karen Prell Animation
    Lighting Reid Gershbein Lighting Technician
    Crew Chris Perry Software Engineer
    Visual Effects Dylan Brown Animation Director
    Visual Effects Anthony Scott Animation
    Visual Effects Mark Oftedal Animation
    Crew Chris Montan Executive Music Producer
    Visual Effects Mark A. Walsh Animation
    Editing Jennifer Leo Russ First Assistant Editor
    Crew Barney Jones Temp Music Editor
    Crew David Slusser Temp Music Editor
    Visual Effects Michael Parks Animation
    Sound Armen Ksajikian Musician
    Visual Effects Timothy Hittle Animation
    Visual Effects Mike Quinn Animation
    Visual Effects Dave Gordon Visual Development
    Visual Effects Peter Lepeniotis Animation
    Visual Effects Sean Hargreaves Visual Development
    Visual Effects Stephen King Modeling
    Visual Effects Christina Yim Animation
    Art Graham Moloy Set Dresser
    Editing Lucas Putnam Additional Editorial Assistant
    Editing Sarah Schubart Additional Editorial Assistant
    Visual Effects Steven Clay Hunter Animation
    Crew Kristina Perez Systems Administrators & Support
    Sound Al Nelson Assistant Sound Editor
    Sound Gary Summers Sound Re-Recording Mixer
    Editing Dale E. Grahn Color Timer
    Production A.J. Riebli III Production Office Coordinator
    Crew M.T. Silvia Systems Administrators & Support
    Art Susan Bradley Title Designer
    Directing Adam Schnitzer Layout
    Visual Effects Mark R.R. Farquhar Animation
    Crew Bruce Perens Software Engineer
    Visual Effects David Orecklin Animation Department Coordinator
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    Crew Kitt Hirasaki Software Engineer
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    Sound Mary Helen Leasman Foley Editor
    Crew James Burgess Photoscience Manager
    Sound Jennifer Barin Sound Recordist
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    Visual Effects Dan Lee Character Designer
    Visual Effects Ethan Hurd Animation
    Lighting Jesse Hollander Master Lighting Artist
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    Visual Effects Doug Sheppeck Animation
    Directing Roman Figun Layout
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    Visual Effects Kelly O'Connell Modeling
    Editing Tom Freeman Additional Editorial Assistant
    Sound Susan Sanford Foley Editor
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    Art David Skelly Assistant Art Director
    Art Jen Kinavey Art Department Coordinator
    Directing Wade Childress Layout
    Directing Craig McGillivray Layout
    Directing Stephen Moros Layout
    Visual Effects Nicolas Alan Barillaro Animation
    Visual Effects Jennifer Cha Animation
    Visual Effects Melanie Cordan Animation
    Visual Effects Bob Koch Animation
    Visual Effects Karyn Metlen Animation
    Visual Effects Valerie Mih Animation
    Visual Effects Andrea Schultz Fix Animator
    Editing Christian Hill Additional Editorial Assistant
    Editing Mike Marsh Additional Editorial Assistant
    Visual Effects Michael R. King Shading
    Lighting Danielle Feinberg Master Lighting Artist
    Crew Miguel Ángel Poveda Post Production Supervisor
    Visual Effects Dale Ruffolo Modeling
    Lighting Dale Ruffolo Lighting Artist
    Visual Effects Rob Jensen Modeling
    Lighting Rob Jensen Master Lighting Artist
    Sound Andrew Page Music Director
    Crew Michael Kass Software Engineer
    Lighting Michael B. Johnson Lighting Technician
    Crew Michael B. Johnson Software Engineer
    Crew Dirk Van Gelder Software Engineer
    Visual Effects Patrick Wilson Modeling
    Crew Lars R. Damerow Systems Administrators & Support
    Visual Effects Cynthia Dueltgen Modeling
    Lighting Cynthia Dueltgen Master Lighting Artist
    Crew Patrick Guenette Systems Administrators & Support
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    Visual Effects Ana Lacaze Shading
    Lighting Ana Lacaze Master Lighting Artist
    Lighting Ken Lao Master Lighting Artist
    Lighting Eileen O'Neill Lighting Technician
    Visual Effects Eileen O'Neill Shading
    Visual Effects Eileen O'Neill Modeling
    Visual Effects Keith Olenick Shading
    Lighting John Singh Pottebaum Lighting Technician
    Visual Effects John Singh Pottebaum Shading
    Crew John Singh Pottebaum Software Engineer
    Lighting Allison Torres Lighting Technician
    Visual Effects John Warren Shading
    Crew Timothy Sorensen Post Production Assistant
    Crew Ling Hsu Systems Administrators & Support
    Lighting Tom Kim Lighting Coordinator
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    Crew Manny Ponce Systems Administrators & Support
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    Crew Sudeep Rangaswamy Software Engineer
    Visual Effects Don Schreiter Modeling
    Crew Michael Shantzis Software Engineer
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    Crew Nathan Ardaiz Systems Administrators & Support
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    Visual Effects Kirk Bowers Shading
    Lighting Brian Daniel Young Lighting Technician
    Visual Effects Steve Upstill Shading
    Visual Effects David Valdez Shading
    Crew Warren Hays Information Systems Manager
    Crew Duncan Keefe Information Systems Manager
    Visual Effects Roger Rose Animation
    Camera Daryl Tucker Camera Department Production Assistant