The Garden of Sinners: Recalled Out Summer - Extra Chorus

The Garden of Sinners: Recalled Out Summer - Extra Chorus (2013)

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Mikiya Kokutou gives Shiki Ryougi a cat to watch, as he will be away for a little while. Though Shiki protests, he leaves the cat anyway, and Shiki is stuck trying to understand her new feline companion. But as luck would have it, the cat seems to have taken a liking to Mikiya and misses him. Later in another part of the city, Ririsu Miyazuki visits the place where her dear friend committed suicide. She intends to end her life as well, but she meets Fujino Asagami, a blind classmate with a traumatic past. Though the two girls don't have much in common, Asagami reminds Miyazuki of her lost friend and helps her understand her pain. Two months later, Mikiya elects to celebrate New Year's with Shiki instead of his family, which makes his sister Azaka very upset, leading to her spending the holiday with her school friends. As the snow begins to fall, Mikiya reflects on what he wishes for most of all: that Shiki's life be filled with happiness.

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Art Kazuo Ebisawa Art Direction
Sound Yuki Kajiura Original Music Composer
Sound Shizuo Kurahashi Sound Effects
Writing Kinoko Nasu Novel
Production Hikaru Kondo Producer
Writing Ei Aoki Screenplay
Directing Ei Aoki Director
Art Ei Aoki Storyboard Artist
Sound Yoshikazu Iwanami Sound Director
Visual Effects Tomonori Sudo Animation Director
Visual Effects Tomonori Sudo Character Designer
Visual Effects Kojiro Shishido 3D Director
Production Atsuhiro Iwakami Producer
Production Takuya Matsushita Producer
Visual Effects Emi Chiba Color Designer
Production Katsushi Oota Producer
Visual Effects Miyuki Sato Key Animation
Visual Effects Masato Takizawa 3D Animator
Visual Effects Masato Takizawa Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Seiji Matsuda 3D Animator
Visual Effects Seiji Matsuda Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Akihiko Uda Key Animation
Visual Effects Yuka Shiojima Key Animation
Visual Effects Takuya Aoki Key Animation
Visual Effects Toshiyuki Shirai Key Animation
Visual Effects Rio Niisato Key Animation
Visual Effects Kayo Onizawa Key Animation
Camera Yuichi Terao Director of Photography
Editing Manabu Kamino Editor
Production Takashi Takeuchi Producer
Visual Effects Takashi Takeuchi Character Designer
Sound Yasunori Mori Music Producer
Sound Sachiko Nishi Sound Effects
Visual Effects Mika Kikuchi Key Animation
Visual Effects Yoko Kajiyama Key Animation
Visual Effects Yusuke Shibata Key Animation
Visual Effects Kazuki Nishiwaki 3D Animator
Visual Effects Kazuki Nishiwaki Compositing Artist
Production Ryu Suzuki Line Producer
Visual Effects Shinsuke Yasuda Key Animation
Visual Effects Ikumi Kawamura Key Animation
Visual Effects Yushiro Hatano Key Animation
Visual Effects Masaru Kimura Key Animation
Visual Effects Aya Hanzawa Key Animation
Visual Effects Sae Yoshikawa Compositing Artist
Art Asuka Imafuku Background Designer
Art Ayumi Kojima Background Designer
Visual Effects Dai Fukuyama Key Animation
Visual Effects Shizuka Fujisaki Animation Director
Visual Effects Shizuka Fujisaki Character Designer
Visual Effects Makoto Nakamura Key Animation
Visual Effects Ayumi Kobayashi Key Animation
Art Kim Min-ji Assistant Art Director
Art Kim Min-ji Background Designer
Art Aki Inyama Background Designer
Visual Effects Yuki Yamaguchi 3D Animator
Visual Effects Yuki Yamaguchi Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Rima Nishinaka 3D Animator
Visual Effects Rima Nishinaka Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Atsuki Moriyoshi 3D Animator
Visual Effects Atsuki Moriyoshi Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Chung Young-hoon Key Animation