The Garden of Sinners: Overlooking View

The Garden of Sinners: Overlooking View (2007)

star 6.7
From 101 Ratings


The story starts following an incident: a young girl jumps from the top of a building. The image provokes a certain dread, as the girl appears to have been a corpse even before she jumped. The case is dismissed, yet more and more of these suicides occur, and all from the same building. Thus began the rumour, that a ghost inhabited the rooftop of the building.

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The Garden of Sinners: Overlooking View Photos

Art Nobutaka Ike Art Direction
Art Nobutaka Ike Background Designer
Production Masuo Ueda Executive Producer
Art Junichi Higashi Art Department Coordinator
Art Junichi Higashi Background Designer
Sound Yuki Kajiura Original Music Composer
Sound Shizuo Kurahashi Sound Effects
Writing Kinoko Nasu Novel
Production Hikaru Kondo Producer
Visual Effects Mitsuru Obunai Key Animation
Directing Ei Aoki Director
Sound Yoshikazu Iwanami Sound Director
Visual Effects Tomonori Sudo Animation Director
Visual Effects Tomonori Sudo Character Designer
Production Masayuki Haryu Producer
Production Atsuhiro Iwakami Producer
Writing Masaki Hiramatsu Screenplay
Visual Effects Atsushi Ikariya Key Animation
Art Hiroki Matsumoto Art Designer
Art Satoru Hirayanagi Background Designer
Visual Effects Toshimitsu Kobayashi Key Animation
Visual Effects Emi Chiba Color Designer
Production Katsushi Oota Production Supervisor
Camera Seiji Matsuda Director of Photography
Visual Effects Seiji Matsuda 3D Animator
Visual Effects Seiji Matsuda Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Takuro Takahashi Animation Director
Visual Effects Takuro Takahashi Character Designer
Visual Effects Atsushi Ogasawara Key Animation
Visual Effects Katsuya Kikuchi Key Animation
Visual Effects Daisuke Mataga Key Animation
Visual Effects Nozomu Abe Key Animation
Camera Yuichi Terao Director of Photography
Visual Effects Yuichi Terao 3D Animator
Visual Effects Yuichi Terao Compositing Artist
Editing Manabu Kamino Editor
Visual Effects Hisayuki Tabata Key Animation
Production Takashi Takeuchi Producer
Visual Effects Takashi Takeuchi Character Designer
Art Takafumi Nishima Background Designer
Visual Effects Hokuto Sakiyama Key Animation
Sound Yasunori Mori Music Producer
Art Minami Usui Background Designer
Visual Effects Shinya Asanuma Key Animation
Visual Effects Takahiro Miura Key Animation
Visual Effects Chikashi Kadekaru Key Animation
Visual Effects Kouichi Motomura Key Animation
Production Ryu Suzuki Line Producer
Visual Effects Akio Shimotsukasa Key Animation
Visual Effects Shinsuke Yasuda Key Animation
Visual Effects Masaru Kimura Key Animation
Visual Effects Masayuki Kunihiro Key Animation
Visual Effects Sae Yoshikawa Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Ryunosuke Murakami Key Animation
Visual Effects Hitomi Odashima Key Animation
Visual Effects Makoto Nakamura Key Animation
Visual Effects Shintaro Nakamura 3D Director
Visual Effects Shintaro Nakamura 3D Animator
Visual Effects Shintaro Nakamura Compositing Artist
Production Wataru Matsuoka Casting
Production Tomio Yoshioka Executive Producer
Visual Effects Kumiko Ohori Animation
Visual Effects Hitoshi Yoshida Key Animation
Visual Effects Hideaki Isa Key Animation
Art Yukiko Shimada Background Designer
Art Lee Seung-hyeon Background Designer
Art Asami Saito Background Designer
Art Kimiyo Saito Background Designer
Art Haruka Katou Background Designer
Art Nana Kondo Background Designer
Art Tsutomu Momouchi Background Designer
Visual Effects Saki Matsubara Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Shota Nishida Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Ryota Nakae 3D Animator
Visual Effects Ryota Nakae Compositing Artist