Teasing Master Takagi-san: The Movie

Teasing Master Takagi-san: The Movie (2022)

star 8.4
From 121 Ratings


Takagi and Nishikata are in their final year of middle school, and have both anxiety and hope for the future. During the summer of their final year, on the day before summer vacation starts, the two find a kitten that they name Hana. They decide to take care of the kitten themselves until they can find its mother.

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Production Masakazu Kubo Executive Producer
Visual Effects Toshihiko Masuda Key Animation
Writing Aki Itami Screenplay
Visual Effects Aya Takano Character Designer
Art Yuji Ikeda Art Designer
Visual Effects Takuji Mogi Animation Director
Visual Effects Takuji Mogi Character Designer
Visual Effects Takuji Mogi Key Animation
Visual Effects Yuya Sakuma Compositing Artist
Sound Rie Takahashi Theme Song Performance
Sound Hiroaki Tsutsumi Original Music Composer
Production Reiko Sasaki Producer
Visual Effects Akiko Matsuo Animation Director
Visual Effects Akiko Matsuo Key Animation
Visual Effects Toyohiro Okada Key Animation
Visual Effects Noriyuki Tsutsumi Key Animation
Editing Yumiko Nakaba Editor
Visual Effects Takuji Yoshimoto Animation Director
Visual Effects Yukiko Nagase Compositing Artist
Sound Keiko Osaki Musician
Sound Katsuhiro Nakano Sound Effects
Directing Hiroaki Akagi Director
Visual Effects Hiroaki Akagi Opening/Ending Animation
Art Hiroaki Akagi Storyboard Artist
Directing Hiroaki Akagi Second Unit Director
Visual Effects Shinichiro Nagano Compositing Artist
Art Yukiko Kawai Assistant Director of Photography
Directing Juria Matsumura Second Unit Director
Visual Effects Satoru Koshiishi Key Animation
Art Hitoshi Nagasaki Background Designer
Art Michiko Taniguchi Background Designer
Art Yuki Kasahara Art Direction
Art Yuko Kobayashi Background Designer
Production Keiji Ota Executive Producer
Visual Effects Chihiro Hayashi Key Animation
Writing Soichiro Yamamoto Comic Book
Visual Effects Soichiro Yamamoto Key Animation
Visual Effects Yoshihiro Maeda Key Animation
Sound Takahiro Enomoto Sound Director
Visual Effects Kazunori Ozawa Key Animation
Visual Effects Fumiya Uehara Key Animation
Art Yasuaki Fujii Storyboard Artist
Directing Yasuaki Fujii Second Unit Director
Writing Hiroko Fukuda Screenplay
Writing Hiroko Fukuda Series Composition
Art Masae Otake Prop Designer
Visual Effects Masae Otake 2D Artist
Visual Effects Natsuko Kondou Animation Director
Visual Effects Natsuko Kondou Character Designer
Visual Effects Norikazu Kamibayashi CGI Director
Visual Effects Sota Suwa Key Animation
Visual Effects Emiko Nakano Key Animation
Production Ken Amano Executive Producer
Sound Tatsuhiro Amano Sound Mixer
Camera Masato Makino Director of Photography
Visual Effects Jiro Majima Key Animation
Production Michihiko Umezawa Executive Producer
Visual Effects Saori Koike Key Animation
Sound Yoshiki Kobayashi Music Producer
Visual Effects Makiko Shinohara Key Animation
Production Kazutaka Yamanaka Executive Producer
Visual Effects Ryuuta Ura Key Animation
Visual Effects Haruki Miura Key Animation
Sound Yuiko Ohara Songs
Sound Yuiko Ohara Theme Song Performance
Visual Effects Yuji Shibata Key Animation
Visual Effects Akihiko Oka Animation Director
Visual Effects Yoshifumi Okawa Animation Director
Visual Effects Takumi Takatsuma Key Animation
Writing Kanichi Kato Screenplay
Visual Effects Yuta Ohara Animation Director
Visual Effects Yuta Ohara Key Animation
Visual Effects Erika Okada Key Animation
Visual Effects Asato Ikumi Key Animation
Visual Effects Hitomi Shimodaira Key Animation
Art Chiemi Hironaka Prop Designer
Visual Effects Chiemi Hironaka Character Designer
Visual Effects Chiemi Hironaka Key Animation
Visual Effects Kanata Yanagisawa Animation Director
Visual Effects Kanata Yanagisawa Character Designer
Visual Effects Kanata Yanagisawa Key Animation
Visual Effects Shingo Nishiyama Key Animation
Visual Effects Kazuhiro Itakura Key Animation
Visual Effects Masahito Wada Key Animation
Visual Effects Mitsuhime Nitta Key Animation
Visual Effects Woo Geum-yung Animation Director
Visual Effects Yurika Tsushima Key Animation
Visual Effects Kayo Daibou Key Animation
Production Mikito Bizenjima Executive Producer
Visual Effects Takayuki Sugiura Key Animation
Visual Effects Etsuo Nakashiro Animation Director
Visual Effects Etsuo Nakashiro Key Animation
Visual Effects Izumi Kawada Key Animation
Visual Effects Tsubasa Kanamori Compositing Artist
Production Kei Nishi Executive Producer
Visual Effects Ruri Satou Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Yuki Bessho Animation Director
Visual Effects Yuki Bessho Key Animation
Art Hitomi Aso Prop Designer
Visual Effects Hitomi Aso Key Animation
Visual Effects Mizue Fukuda Key Animation
Visual Effects Chen Dali Animation Director
Visual Effects Chen Dali Key Animation
Directing Chen Dali Second Unit Director
Directing Park Gyeong-sun Second Unit Director
Visual Effects Sachi Takahashi Key Animation
Art Hiroki Imamura Storyboard Artist
Visual Effects Yusuke Motokura Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Sonoka Maeda Key Animation
Visual Effects Naoko Igarashi Key Animation
Sound Daisuke Mizuno Music Director
Sound Junji Yuasa Music Director
Production Yuhei Ueno Producer
Production Yuukou Itou Producer
Editing Kentarou Yamada Assistant Editor
Production Yuito Hirahara Producer
Visual Effects Park Sang-ho Animation Director
Visual Effects Sachiko Ito Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Mika Yokoi Color Designer
Production Ryo Fujita Executive Producer
Visual Effects Tomomasa Ito Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Yudai Higa Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Kaito Ishizaka Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Natsu Nishioka Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Takuya Ogasawara 2D Artist
Directing Takuya Ogasawara Second Unit Director
Production Motomichi Araki Producer
Visual Effects Kim Min-ja Animation Director
Visual Effects Yuri Kotake Key Animation
Visual Effects Lee Ho-se Key Animation
Production Yukari Nishikawa Associate Producer
Visual Effects Hiroshi Onishi Compositing Artist
Production Shinichiro Mutaguchi Executive Producer
Visual Effects Wang Xuanjing Key Animation
Visual Effects Yoshihiro Kajiwara Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Jazzline Monteron Key Animation
Visual Effects Ryoya Abe Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Kengo Yanagisawa Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Yoshiyuki Tokinaga Key Animation
Art Mai Sasaki Background Designer
Art Kayoko Fujiki Background Designer
Art Kenta Sawatani Background Designer
Art Junko Araki Background Designer
Art Harumi Suwa Background Designer
Production Mitsuteru Hishiyama Associate Producer
Art Mizuki Nakano Background Designer
Production Gou Inagaki Associate Producer
Production Kentaro Kitani Associate Producer
Visual Effects Jang Mi-hee Key Animation
Visual Effects Hwang You-seon Key Animation
Visual Effects Mayumi Shirakawa Key Animation
Art Tomomi Fujiwara Background Designer
Visual Effects Rinko Hayashi Key Animation
Visual Effects Yuji Kumai Compositing Artist