Tales of Zestiria: The Shepherd's Advent

Tales of Zestiria: The Shepherd's Advent (2014)

star 8.2
From 4 Ratings


The Seraphim, a mystical spirit race who act as a stabilizing force in the land, blessed a human boy known as Sorey with powers. Sorey's encounter with Alisha and Lunarre leads him to leave on a journey to becoming the Shepherd and saving the world.

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Tales of Zestiria: The Shepherd's Advent Photos

Art Kazuo Ebisawa Background Designer
Visual Effects Kojiro Shishido 3D Director
Visual Effects Akira Matsushima Animation Director
Visual Effects Akira Matsushima Character Designer
Visual Effects Akira Matsushima Key Animation
Directing Haruo Sotozaki Director
Visual Effects Haruo Sotozaki Key Animation
Art Haruo Sotozaki Storyboard Artist
Directing Haruo Sotozaki Second Unit Director
Sound Go Shiina Original Music Composer
Sound Motoi Sakuraba Original Music Composer
Production Makoto Asanuma Executive Producer
Visual Effects Miyuki Sato Key Animation
Visual Effects Masato Takizawa 3D Animator
Visual Effects Masato Takizawa Compositing Artist
Art Seiji Matsuda Assistant Director of Photography
Sound Motoi Izawa Sound Director
Visual Effects Ryosuke Tsuda Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Hideki Hashimoto Key Animation
Visual Effects Kayo Kizawa Key Animation
Camera Yuichi Terao Director of Photography
Editing Manabu Kamino Editor
Art Masahiro Satou Background Designer
Visual Effects Naoko Masui Key Animation
Sound Kiyotaka Kawada Sound Effects
Visual Effects Mika Kikuchi Key Animation
Visual Effects Yoko Kajiyama Key Animation
Art Kouki Nagayoshi Background Designer
Visual Effects Yusuke Shibata Key Animation
Visual Effects Kazuki Nishiwaki 3D Animator
Visual Effects Kazuki Nishiwaki Compositing Artist
Art Kasumi Takeuchi Background Designer
Visual Effects Kaori Kishi Key Animation
Visual Effects Yuko Omae Color Designer
Production Ryu Suzuki Production Manager
Visual Effects Masaru Kimura Key Animation
Art Sae Yoshikawa Assistant Director of Photography
Visual Effects Daiki Teppozuka Compositing Artist
Art Asuka Imafuku Background Designer
Art Ayumi Kojima Background Designer
Visual Effects Dai Fukuyama Key Animation
Visual Effects Yoshihiro Nishio Key Animation
Visual Effects Ayumi Kobayashi Key Animation
Art Rie Sugiyama Background Designer
Art Kim Min-ji Art Direction
Art Kim Min-ji Background Designer
Art Kaoru Chiba Background Designer
Art Hiroko Murai Background Designer
Art Yasufumi Wada Background Designer
Art Miwa Suzuki Background Designer
Art Hiromi Sakahigashi Background Designer
Art Kazuko Itooka Background Designer
Art Natsuko Nakanishi Background Designer
Art Rumi Matsumoto Background Designer
Visual Effects Yuki Yamaguchi Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Rima Nishinaka 3D Animator
Visual Effects Rima Nishinaka Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Yuuto Ikawa Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Minami Kohara Compositing Artist
Production Hideo Baba Producer
Art Hirofumi Morikawa Background Designer
Art Mayuka Ota Background Designer
Art Tetsuo Yokota Background Designer
Visual Effects Minako Takahashi 3D Animator
Visual Effects Akira Oosaka Key Animation