Sound! Euphonium the Movie – May the Melody Reach You!

Sound! Euphonium the Movie – May the Melody Reach You! (2017)

I want to sound with you.

star 6.1
From 11 Ratings


Recap of Season 2. Following their success in the qualifying round for the Kansai regional competition, the members of the Kitauji High School concert band set their sights on the next upcoming performance. Utilizing their summer break to the utmost, the band participates in a camp where they are instructed by their band advisor Noboru Taki and his friends who make their living as professional musicians. Kumiko Oumae and her friends remain determined to attain gold at the Kansai competition, but trouble arises when a student who once quit the band shows interest in rejoining and sparks unpleasant memories for the second-year members. Kumiko also learns about her teacher's surprising past and the motivation behind his desire to lead the band to victory. Reaching nationals will require hard work, and the adamant conviction in each student's commitment to the band will be put to the test.

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Sound! Euphonium the Movie – May the Melody Reach You! Photos

Production Yota Tsuruoka Executive Producer
Sound Yota Tsuruoka Sound Director
Production Eharu Oohashi Producer
Editing Kengo Shigemura Editor
Sound Eiko Morikawa Sound Effects
Visual Effects Shouko Ikeda Animation Director
Visual Effects Shouko Ikeda Character Designer
Visual Effects Shouko Ikeda Supervising Animation Director
Visual Effects Futoshi Nishiya Animation Director
Production Shigeru Saito Producer
Sound Shigeru Saito Music Producer
Writing Jukki Hanada Screenplay
Art Yasuhiro Takemoto Storyboard Artist
Directing Yasuhiro Takemoto Second Unit Director
Art Yoshiji Kigami Storyboard Artist
Directing Yoshiji Kigami Second Unit Director
Production Yoko Hatta Executive Producer
Art Naoko Yamada Storyboard Artist
Directing Naoko Yamada Second Unit Director
Directing Naoko Yamada Series Director
Directing Tatsuya Ishihara Director
Art Tatsuya Ishihara Storyboard Artist
Directing Tatsuya Ishihara Second Unit Director
Production Shunji Inoue Executive Producer
Visual Effects Rin Yamamoto 3D Animator
Sound Akito Matsuda Original Music Composer
Art Mutsuo Shinohara Art Direction
Production Shinichi Nakamura Producer
Production Riri Senami Producer
Art Ikuko Tamine Background Designer
Art Taichi Ishidate Storyboard Artist
Directing Taichi Ishidate Second Unit Director
Visual Effects Miku Kadowaki Animation Director
Art Mikiko Watanabe Background Designer
Camera Kazuya Takao Director of Photography
Visual Effects Joji Unoguchi 3D Artist
Writing Ayano Takeda Novel
Visual Effects Nobuaki Maruki Animation Director
Art Haruka Fujita Storyboard Artist
Directing Haruka Fujita Second Unit Director
Visual Effects Hiroyuki Takahashi Animation Director
Art Hiroyuki Takahashi Prop Designer
Visual Effects Kayo Hikiyama Key Animation
Directing Taichi Ogawa Director
Art Taichi Ogawa Storyboard Artist
Directing Taichi Ogawa Second Unit Director
Art Noriyuki Kitanohara Storyboard Artist
Directing Noriyuki Kitanohara Second Unit Director
Visual Effects Seiichi Akitake Animation Director
Art Takuya Yamamura Storyboard Artist
Directing Takuya Yamamura Second Unit Director
Visual Effects Kazumi Ikeda Animation Director
Visual Effects Rie Sezaki Key Animation
Visual Effects Chiyoko Ueno Animation Director
Art Eisaku Kawanami Storyboard Artist
Directing Eisaku Kawanami Second Unit Director
Visual Effects Yuji Shibata 3D Animator
Visual Effects Akihiro Ura Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Norihiro Tomiita 3D Animator
Crew Rina Miura Special Effects
Art Etsuko Abe Background Designer
Art Kazuki Ikeda Background Designer
Visual Effects Akiyo Takeda Color Designer
Sound Masahiro Owada Music Supervisor
Art Sagako Itakura Background Designer
Visual Effects Kyohei Ando Key Animation
Art Naoki Hosokawa Background Designer
Visual Effects Keita Nagahara Key Animation
Art Ayami Hidaka Background Designer
Visual Effects Tetsuo Umetsu 3D Director
Visual Effects Hiroki Ueda Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Kunihiro Hane Key Animation
Visual Effects Nami Iwasaki Key Animation
Visual Effects Hiroshi Karata Key Animation
Visual Effects Ryouhei Muta Key Animation
Visual Effects Fumie Okano Key Animation
Visual Effects Tatsuya Satou Key Animation
Visual Effects Shinpei Sawa Key Animation
Visual Effects Mariko Takahashi Key Animation
Visual Effects Yuki Tsunoda Animation Director
Visual Effects Taira Yamaguchi Key Animation
Visual Effects Tomoko Yoshimura Key Animation
Visual Effects Kanae Okura Key Animation
Visual Effects Minoru Ota Key Animation
Art Shouko Ochiai Background Designer
Visual Effects Kohei Funamoto Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Akiko Takase Animation Director
Art Tatsuro Onishi Background Designer
Visual Effects Yuki Yokoyama Key Animation
Visual Effects Kohei Okamura Animation Director
Visual Effects Yuko Myouken Animation Director
Visual Effects Tatsunari Maruko Animation Director
Visual Effects Saeko Fujita Key Animation
Visual Effects Sana Suzuki Key Animation
Visual Effects Chiharu Kuroda Key Animation
Visual Effects Sayaka Watanabe Key Animation
Visual Effects Yoshinori Urata Key Animation
Visual Effects Aoi Okuno Key Animation
Visual Effects Aoi Matsumoto Key Animation
Visual Effects Hidehiro Asama Key Animation
Visual Effects Kota Sato Key Animation
Visual Effects Ryo Miyaki Key Animation
Visual Effects Chika Kamo Key Animation
Visual Effects Ami Kuriki Key Animation
Visual Effects Shiho Morisaki Key Animation
Visual Effects Ryosuke Shirakawa Key Animation
Visual Effects Sumire Kusano Key Animation
Visual Effects Maiko Hado Key Animation
Visual Effects Yurika Ono Key Animation
Visual Effects Seiya Kumano Key Animation
Visual Effects Tomomi Sato Key Animation
Visual Effects Momoka Yoshizaki Key Animation
Visual Effects Sae Sawada Key Animation
Visual Effects Chinatsu Morimoto Key Animation
Visual Effects Ayaka Nagahama Key Animation
Visual Effects Naoya Nakayama Key Animation
Visual Effects Miho Kitaji Key Animation
Visual Effects Tamami Tokuyama Key Animation
Visual Effects Aya Hikita Key Animation
Production Yoko Kogawa Executive Producer
Art Park Jung-ah Background Designer
Art Lee Mi-jin Background Designer
Art Marie Kitai Background Designer
Art Kim Ji-hee Background Designer
Art Shingo Kasai Background Designer
Art Tomoki Hiraishi Background Designer
Art Momoka Hase Background Designer
Art Sayaka Ichiyama Background Designer
Art Miyuki Hiratoko Background Designer
Art Nozomi Oishi Background Designer
Art Shuhei Okude Background Designer
Art Aki Yamatogi Background Designer
Art Lee Cheon-bok Background Designer
Art Ryoko Yamada Background Designer
Art Toru Hasegawa Background Designer
Art Mayumi Noguchi Background Designer
Art Kouji Maruyama Background Designer
Production Yoshifumi Yarimizu Producer
Visual Effects Teru Matsumoto Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Yoshiko Tanaka Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Tatsunori Kase 3D Animator
Visual Effects Shouta Yuuba 3D Animator
Visual Effects Kazuki Ueno Compositing Artist
Art Emi Toya Background Designer
Art Noriko Ooishi Background Designer