Pikachu's PikaBoo

Pikachu's PikaBoo (2001)

star 7.1
From 7 Ratings


At a giant beachside mansion, Pikachu and some of its buddies decide to play a game of hide-and-seek. Pikachu is “it,” and it goes off in search of its friends. Meanwhile, Larvitar, sick of being all by itself, kicks a rock in anger. The rock hurtles through the air—and hits a lawnmower, turning it on and sending it tearing off after Pikachu and its friends! The group draws the lawnmower into a maze and even gets it into the water, but the lawnmower just keeps on chasing. The Pokémon build a road out of logs, hoping to get the lawnmower into a shack, but Psyduck trips and ruins the whole setup. How will the friends ever escape the lawnmower? This fantasy will have you on the edge of your seat!

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Pikachu's PikaBoo Photos

Camera Hisao Shirai Director of Photography
Sound Masafumi Mima Sound Director
Directing Kunihiko Yuyama Director
Production Choji Yoshikawa Producer
Production Takashi Kawaguchi Executive Producer
Production Masakazu Kubo Executive Producer
Production Yukako Matsusako Producer
Production Takemoto Mori Producer
Crew Satoshi Tajiri Creator
Writing Yukiyoshi Ôhashi Screenplay
Writing Yuji Asada Storyboard
Directing Yuji Asada Assistant Director
Visual Effects Tokuhiro Matsubara Character Designer
Visual Effects Sayuri Ichiishi Animation Director
Visual Effects Sayuri Ichiishi Character Designer
Visual Effects Yōichi Kotabe Animation Supervisor
Production Tsunekazu Ishihara Production Supervisor
Sound Hirokazu Tanaka Music Director
Production Toshiaki Okuno Producer
Production Shukichi Kanda Producer
Visual Effects Eikichi Takahashi Animation Director
Visual Effects Ken'ichi Chikanaga Character Designer
Sound Akifumi Ota Music