Napping Princess

Napping Princess (2017)

There's a reason why I can see in dreams

star 6.7
From 108 Ratings
6.3 69 68%


Japan, 2020, a few days before the opening of the Tokyo Olympics. Although she should be studying for her final exams, Kokone, a schoolgirl who lives in a small town with her widowed father, a mysterious and talented mechanic, falls asleep often, anywhere, anytime, entering, over and over, a dream-world where a squad of fantastic motorized contraptions fights against magic, a world close to reality where she will find out the keys of her true past.

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Art Yoji Takeshige Background Designer
Production Mitsuhisa Ishikawa Executive Producer
Writing Kenji Kamiyama Screenplay
Directing Kenji Kamiyama Director
Writing Kenji Kamiyama Comic Book
Art Kenji Kamiyama Storyboard Artist
Visual Effects Kazuchika Kise Animation Director
Directing Kazuchika Kise Second Unit Director
Art Noboru Yoshida Background Designer
Visual Effects Masashi Ando Key Animation
Production Nozomu Takahashi Executive Producer
Art Junichi Higashi Background Designer
Visual Effects Toshihiko Masuda Key Animation
Visual Effects Satoru Nakamura Animation Director
Visual Effects Satoru Nakamura Key Animation
Production Katsuji Morishita Executive Producer
Production Taiki Sakurai Producer
Art Masahiro Kimura Prop Designer
Visual Effects Masahiro Kimura Key Animation
Art Masahiro Kimura Art Designer
Visual Effects Masahiro Kimura Layout Supervisor
Visual Effects Tetsuya Nishio Key Animation
Visual Effects Atsushi Takeuchi Animation Director
Art Masaki Tachibana Storyboard Artist
Production Shinichirou Inoue Executive Producer
Sound Yoko Shimomura Original Music Composer
Art Yuki Nomura Background Designer
Production Stephanie Sheh Casting
Visual Effects Mitsuo Iso Key Animation
Visual Effects Antoine Antin Key Animation
Visual Effects Yojiro Arai Key Animation
Art Kazuo Ogura Background Designer
Art Mie Kasai Background Designer
Production Naoki Iwasa Producer
Production Makoto Takahashi Executive Producer
Visual Effects Asako Nishida Key Animation
Art Kosuke Hayashi Background Designer
Camera Koji Tanaka Director of Photography
Visual Effects Masafumi Yokota Key Animation
Art Naomi Kasugai Background Designer
Art Junko Ina Background Designer
Art Masaki Yoshizaki Background Designer
Visual Effects Toshiyuki Inoue Key Animation
Art Osamu Masuyama Background Designer
Art Atsushi Yokoyama Background Designer
Sound Shoji Hata Sound Director
Sound Shoji Hata Sound Mixer
Art Shigeto Koyama Conceptual Design
Visual Effects Shigeto Koyama Mechanical Designer
Visual Effects Satoko Morikawa Character Designer
Visual Effects Satoko Morikawa Key Animation
Production Daisuke Kadoya Executive Producer
Art Masakazu Miyake Background Designer
Production Yoshio Nakayama Executive Producer
Production Masaya Yabushita Producer
Art Takashi Omori Assistant Art Director
Visual Effects Kazuya Arahata Visual Effects
Visual Effects Kazuya Arahata Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Souichirou Sako Key Animation
Visual Effects Yuka Koiso Animation Director
Visual Effects Yuka Koiso Key Animation
Visual Effects Ai Yukimura Animation Director
Visual Effects Ai Yukimura Key Animation
Art Takeshi Takahashi Art Designer
Art Akira Ito Background Designer
Art Kazuhiro Inoue Background Designer
Visual Effects Motonobu Hori Animation Director
Art Motonobu Hori Storyboard Artist
Directing Motonobu Hori Second Unit Director
Visual Effects Shinya Sugai 3D Artist
Visual Effects Bahi JD Key Animation
Crew Chiemi Irisa Special Effects
Art Yoshitoshi Shinomiya Background Designer
Art Morihito Ohara Background Designer
Sound Naoto Yamatani Sound Effects
Visual Effects Sunao Komiya Key Animation
Visual Effects Yumiko Katayama Color Designer
Visual Effects Yukie Yamamoto Animation Director
Visual Effects Yukie Yamamoto Key Animation
Visual Effects Chieko Miyagawa Key Animation
Visual Effects Mamiko Nakanishi Key Animation
Visual Effects Hiroyuki Saita Key Animation
Production Ken Sakamoto Executive Producer
Art Akira Yamakawa Background Designer
Art Kiyoshi Samejima Art Direction
Art Kaori Hino Art Direction
Visual Effects Atsuko Sasaki Animation Director
Visual Effects Atsuko Sasaki Key Animation
Art Michiko Kado Painter
Visual Effects Asuka Tsubuki Key Animation
Visual Effects Mathieu Chaptel Key Animation
Visual Effects Shigeru Kimishima Animation Director
Visual Effects Shigeru Kimishima Key Animation
Art Masami Ozeki Background Designer
Art Natsumi Niima Background Designer
Art Tsuneo Ozeki Background Designer
Art Tsuyoshi Nakatani Background Designer
Art Yuichi Suehiro Background Designer
Art Yuka Nitta Background Designer
Visual Effects Nobuko Sugino Key Animation
Art Akane Yamazaki Painter
Art Chiaki Numata Painter
Art Chiharu Hashimoto Painter
Art Hiroshi Moriwaki Painter
Art Mayumi Oikawa Painter
Art Mika Kinoshita Painter
Art Minori Nishita Painter
Art Miwa Enji Painter
Art Mizue Kadoshita Painter
Art Naoto Kondo Painter
Art Ryōko Fujisawa Painter
Art Satsuki Kamoi Background Designer
Art Yoko Tomaru Painter
Art Yukari Hashimoto Painter
Art Naruyo Kiriyama Background Designer
Art Hisako Saitou Background Designer
Art Hitomi Haga Background Designer
Art Katsu Nozaki Background Designer
Art Shiori Iwahara Background Designer
Visual Effects Cédric Hérole Animation Director
Visual Effects Cédric Hérole Key Animation
Visual Effects Kouichi Arai Animation Director
Visual Effects Madoka Ozawa Key Animation
Art Mitsuo Yoshino Assistant Art Director
Art Yoshikazu Fukutome Background Designer
Art Toshie Honda Assistant Art Director
Art Yoko Kamiyama Background Designer
Art Jun Okabe Background Designer
Art Kurumi Suzuki Background Designer
Art Mizuka Ueda Background Designer
Art Yusuke Watanabe Background Designer
Production Yoshitaka Hori Executive Producer
Production Kei Kushiyama Associate Producer
Production Kazushi Nagasawa Producer
Production Takuya Ogawa Line Producer
Production Tetsuya Sakurai Producer
Production Keisuke Sato Associate Producer
Production Keiichi Sawa Producer
Production Masami Takahashi Executive Producer
Production Yoshitaka Tao Producer
Production Kenji Yamashita Line Producer
Visual Effects Toshiyuki Kono Animation Director
Visual Effects Toshiyuki Kono Key Animation
Directing Toshiyuki Kono Second Unit Director
Visual Effects Christophe Ferreira Creature Design
Visual Effects Christophe Ferreira Key Animation
Art Christophe Ferreira Concept Artist
Art Christophe Ferreira Storyboard Artist
Art Mana Fujii Production Illustrator
Art Tomoyuki Kajishita Production Design
Editing Tomoyuki Kajishita Assistant Editor
Sound Haruka Matsushita Other
Sound Sachiko Nishi Sound Effects
Visual Effects Shotaro Akamine 3D Animator
Visual Effects Seiji Arai 3D Animator
Visual Effects Fortinan Deepin Modeling
Visual Effects Akira Gonpei Modeling
Visual Effects Yuki Hasegawa 3D Artist
Visual Effects Yoshiki Imai 3D Artist
Visual Effects Kotaro Ito 3D Artist
Visual Effects Ryo Ito 3D Artist
Visual Effects Makoto Kanemoto Modeling
Visual Effects Takahiro Kawaguchi 3D Artist
Visual Effects Hiroshi Kawakami 3D Artist
Visual Effects Daisuke Kino 3D Artist
Visual Effects Jun Koishikawa 3D Artist
Visual Effects Ryohei Kojima 3D Artist
Visual Effects Panupom Nargaam Modeling
Visual Effects Madoka Nishimura 3D Artist
Visual Effects Kyosuke Ogawa 3D Artist
Visual Effects Akito Sato Modeling
Visual Effects Makoto Sato 3D Artist
Visual Effects Chiori Satou Layout Supervisor
Visual Effects Hiroshi Souma Modeling
Visual Effects Hideto Sugi 3D Artist
Visual Effects Naoko Sugita 3D Artist
Visual Effects Hideki Tajima 3D Artist
Visual Effects Maaya Takahama Modeling
Visual Effects Shintaro Tanaka 3D Artist
Visual Effects Hiroki Tanji 3D Artist
Visual Effects Naoyuki Tsuchida 3D Artist
Visual Effects Noriki Tsukamoto CGI Director
Visual Effects Masami Yuhara Modeling
Art Etsuko Abe Background Designer
Art Masahiro Abe Background Designer
Art Shintaro Akiyama Background Designer
Visual Effects Masumi Amao Key Animation
Art Takanori Ando Painter
Visual Effects Dai Arai Key Animation
Visual Effects Ken Araya Key Animation
Visual Effects Romain Barriaux Key Animation
Visual Effects David Cazeaux Key Animation
Art Cha Eun-jin Painter
Visual Effects Chae Gwang-han Key Animation
Visual Effects Takuya Chanohara Key Animation
Visual Effects Mauchi Chatelmère Key Animation
Visual Effects Anaïs Chevillard Key Animation
Art Midori Chiba Background Designer
Art Suzuka Chiba Painter
Visual Effects Choi Byung-hee Key Animation
Visual Effects Jun Choi Key Animation
Visual Effects Hidekazu Ebina Key Animation
Art Koichi Ejima Background Designer
Visual Effects Hisaki Furukawa Key Animation
Visual Effects Hisaki Furukawa Layout Supervisor
Visual Effects Etienne Guignard Key Animation
Visual Effects Shujirou Hamakawa Key Animation
Visual Effects Kazuyo Hasegawa Key Animation
Visual Effects Kasumi Higuchi Key Animation
Art Kohei Honda Background Designer
Art Kaori Hoshiba Background Designer
Art Mikiya Hosoi Background Designer
Art Yukie Imamura Painter
Art Tomoka Ishijima Background Designer
Art Hiroshi Itou Background Designer
Visual Effects Niki Izumimoto Key Animation
Visual Effects Naomi Kaneda Key Animation
Art Ayano Kato Background Designer
Art Eun Mi Kim Painter
Art Tomomo Kimura Painter
Art Shinsuke Kinoshita Background Designer
Art Eri Kitahara Painter
Art Erika Kiyono Painter
Visual Effects Keiichi Kondo Animation Director
Visual Effects Keiichi Kondo Key Animation
Art Ryoma Kotaki Painter
Visual Effects Naoko Kouda Key Animation
Art Masakazu Koyama Background Designer
Visual Effects Miki Kurihara Key Animation
Art Shuichi Kusamori Background Designer
Visual Effects Yoshihiro Maeda Key Animation
Visual Effects Julianne Marais Key Animation
Visual Effects Julien Maret Key Animation
Visual Effects Shuji Maruyama Key Animation
Visual Effects Etienne Mattera Key Animation
Visual Effects Eddie Mehong Key Animation
Visual Effects Yuriel Mimouranmelle Key Animation
Visual Effects Uriel Mimran Key Animation
Art Maki Minagawa Background Designer
Art Saori Miyake Background Designer
Visual Effects Kazuya Miyoshi Key Animation
Art Taeko Mizuno Painter
Art Tomo Mizuno Background Designer
Art Mo Mi-jin Painter
Art Tomohiro Morishita Background Designer
Art Natsumi Murakata Background Designer
Art Hitomi Murase Painter
Visual Effects Yoko Naeki Key Animation
Art Mai Nagai Painter
Art Yurina Nakamura Background Designer
Art Kaho Nakano Painter
Art Sachiko Nishiguchi Background Designer
Visual Effects Iku Nishimura Animation Director
Visual Effects Iku Nishimura Key Animation
Art Yuto Oeda Painter
Visual Effects Mai Ogawa Key Animation
Art Hodaka Okamoto Background Designer
Visual Effects Tomohisa Onoue Key Animation
Art Soo In Park Background Designer
Art Erika Sada Painter
Art Aki Sakuma Painter
Art Momono Sasaki Painter
Art Tatsuya Sasaki Background Designer
Art Hiromi Sato Painter
Art Reika Sato Painter
Visual Effects Takahiro Shikama Animation Director
Visual Effects Takahiro Shikama Key Animation
Visual Effects Manabu Shioda Key Animation
Visual Effects Naoko Shokin Key Animation
Art Eun Suk Song Painter
Visual Effects Kei Suezawa Animation Director
Visual Effects Kei Suezawa Key Animation
Visual Effects Chie Sugano Key Animation
Art Nagisa Sunagawa Painter
Art Yu Tajima Background Designer
Visual Effects Moe Tanaka Key Animation
Visual Effects Nanako Tatsu Key Animation
Visual Effects Yoshifumi Terai Key Animation
Visual Effects Carlo Toselli Key Animation
Visual Effects Keisuke Toyoda Key Animation
Visual Effects Tomoko Tsuji Animation Director
Visual Effects Tomoko Tsuji Key Animation
Art Kazuya Tsukada Painter
Visual Effects Chiyomi Tsukamoto Animation Director
Visual Effects Chiyomi Tsukamoto Key Animation
Art Minami Usui Background Designer
Visual Effects Séverine Varlette Key Animation
Art Maina Wada Painter
Art Ikuya Watanabe Painter
Visual Effects Tomomo Yabuki Key Animation
Art Youichirou Yamamoto Background Designer
Art Makiko Yamanaka Painter
Visual Effects Cindy H. Yamauchi Animation Director
Visual Effects Cindy H. Yamauchi Key Animation
Visual Effects Yuka Yamori Key Animation
Art Mayumi Yoshida Painter
Visual Effects Minami Yoshida Key Animation
Art Yuka Ohashi Background Designer
Visual Effects Masanori Osawa Key Animation
Editing Mizuho Inoue Assistant Editor
Editing Tatsuro Kai Online Editor
Editing Mayuna Naito Color Grading
Editing Masato Sekiguchi Color Grading
Editing Aya Shintani Other
Editing Miho Takazuka Other
Editing Ayato Yasuda Online Editor
Sound Kunihiro Imazeki Music Editor
Sound Takuya Komiyama Music Editor
Sound Yoshikazi Nagai Other
Sound Taka Chiyo Music Consultant
Sound Takayasu Seo Other
Sound Daisuke Uchino Other
Sound Kazunori Yamada Other
Art Yuki Goto Creative Director
Visual Effects Tetsuya Takahashi Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Maiko Imazeki Compositing Artist
Art Kinichi Okubo Background Designer
Sound Daiki Hachimaki Sound Recordist
Visual Effects Hiroki Itoh 3D Animator
Crew Tomomi Ishihara Special Effects
Editing Kenichi Sasaki Color Grading