Jujutsu Kaisen 0

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 (2021)

Fight what's within.

  • Genre: Animation, Action, Fantasy
  • Release Date: 2021-12-24
  • User Rating: 8.282/10 from 540 ratings
  • Runtime: 1h 45min
  • Language: 日本語
  • Production Company: Toho
  • Production Country: Japan
  • Director:
star 8.282
From 540 Ratings
7.9 72 98%


Yuta Okkotsu is a nervous high school student who is suffering from a serious problem—his childhood friend Rika has turned into a curse and won't leave him alone. Since Rika is no ordinary curse, his plight is noticed by Satoru Gojo, a teacher at Jujutsu High, a school where fledgling exorcists learn how to combat curses. Gojo convinces Yuta to enroll, but can he learn enough in time to confront the curse that haunts him?

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Jujutsu Kaisen 0 Photos

Art Nobutaka Ike Background Designer
Art Fuminori Kizaki Storyboard Artist
Art Junichi Higashi Supervising Art Director
Visual Effects Michinori Chiba Key Animation
Visual Effects Mitsuhiro Sato Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Tatsuya Yoshihara Key Animation
Production Hiroo Maruyama Co-Executive Producer
Visual Effects Kenji Fujita Compositing Artist
Art Makoto Shiraishi Background Designer
Visual Effects Tadashi Hiramatsu Character Designer
Visual Effects Riki Matsuura Animation Director
Visual Effects Riki Matsuura Key Animation
Art Miho Sugiura Background Designer
Sound Akiko Fujita Sound Director
Writing Hiroshi Seko Screenplay
Visual Effects Takayuki Sano Animation Director
Visual Effects Takayuki Sano Key Animation
Sound Hiroaki Tsutsumi Original Music Composer
Art Yuta Murakami Background Designer
Visual Effects Shinya Yamada Key Animation
Sound Tomokazu Mitsui Sound Effects
Visual Effects Hironori Tanaka Animation Director
Visual Effects Yuka Koiso Key Animation
Visual Effects Rena Igawa Animation Director
Visual Effects Rena Igawa Key Animation
Production Makoto Kimura Producer
Production Toshihiro Maeda Producer
Sound Katsuhiro Nakano Sound Effects
Visual Effects Hirofumi Suzuki Key Animation
Visual Effects Sayo Aoi Key Animation
Visual Effects Takashi Tomioka Key Animation
Visual Effects Eiji Komatsu Key Animation
Art Mariko Kawamoto Prop Designer
Visual Effects Park Hyo-gyu Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Toshiyuki Sato Key Animation
Visual Effects Ai Takashi Key Animation
Visual Effects Chavdar Yordanov Key Animation
Sound Yu Seki Theme Song Performance
Visual Effects Naoko Masui Key Animation
Visual Effects Yosuke Takada Animation Director
Visual Effects Yosuke Takada Character Designer
Visual Effects Yosuke Takada Key Animation
Directing Yosuke Takada Second Unit Director
Visual Effects Atsushi Irie Key Animation
Visual Effects Satoshi Hattori Animation Director
Visual Effects Satoshi Hattori Key Animation
Production Keiji Ota Executive Producer
Visual Effects Shinsaku Kozuma Key Animation
Visual Effects Chikako Kamata Color Designer
Visual Effects Takahito Katayama Animation Director
Visual Effects Takahito Katayama Key Animation
Visual Effects Terumi Nishii Character Designer
Visual Effects Terumi Nishii Supervising Animation Director
Art Miyuki Ooshiro Storyboard Artist
Directing Miyuki Ooshiro Second Unit Director
Art Yoko Kamiyama Background Designer
Art So Senoo Background Designer
Art Kurumi Suzuki Background Designer
Art Mahiro Abe Background Designer
Art Shintaro Akiyama Background Designer
Art Kaori Hoshiba Background Designer
Visual Effects Hiroya Iijima Creature Design
Visual Effects Hiroya Iijima Animation Director
Art Hiroya Iijima Prop Designer
Art Youko Atsumi Background Designer
Visual Effects Sayaka Koiso Character Designer
Visual Effects Sayaka Koiso Key Animation
Visual Effects Sayaka Koiso Supervising Animation Director
Directing Sunghoo Park Director
Visual Effects Sunghoo Park Key Animation
Art Sunghoo Park Storyboard Artist
Directing Sunghoo Park Second Unit Director
Visual Effects Atsushi Kano Compositing Artist
Sound Akiko Mutou Sound Effects
Visual Effects Daisuke Tsumagari Key Animation
Visual Effects Yasutoshi Iwasaki Key Animation
Visual Effects Saki Hasegawa Key Animation
Directing Yui Umemoto Assistant Director
Visual Effects Yui Umemoto Key Animation
Art Yui Umemoto Storyboard Artist
Directing Yui Umemoto Second Unit Director
Visual Effects Kazutaka Sugiyama Key Animation
Visual Effects Sakiko Uda Key Animation
Visual Effects Keiichiro Watanabe Key Animation
Editing Keisuke Yanagi Editor
Sound Kosuke Ogata Sound Effects
Visual Effects Rie Nishino Animation Director
Visual Effects Rie Nishino Key Animation
Visual Effects Takako Shimizu Character Designer
Visual Effects Takako Shimizu Supervising Animation Director
Sound Satoru Iguchi Theme Song Performance
Sound Alisa Okehazama Original Music Composer
Sound Yoshimasa Terui Original Music Composer
Visual Effects Kouki Fujimoto Key Animation
Visual Effects Shinichi Yoshikawa Key Animation
Production Akifumi Fujio Producer
Visual Effects Masataka Akai Animation Director
Visual Effects Masataka Akai Key Animation
Directing Masataka Akai Second Unit Director
Visual Effects Chie Nishizawa Animation Director
Visual Effects Chie Nishizawa Key Animation
Writing Gege Akutami Comic Book
Production Toru Kubo Associate Producer
Camera Teppei Ito Director of Photography
Visual Effects Chihiro Shimada Key Animation
Visual Effects Ayaka Sato Key Animation
Visual Effects Hiromi Sakamoto Key Animation
Visual Effects Minami Seki Animation Director
Visual Effects Minami Seki Key Animation
Visual Effects Shinya Ito Animation Director
Visual Effects Shinya Ito Key Animation
Visual Effects Fuko Abe Key Animation
Sound Yoshiki Kobayashi Music Producer
Production Hiroaki Matsutani Producer
Production Yuriha Murai Producer
Production Manabu Otsuka Production Supervisor
Production Manabu Otsuka Co-Executive Producer
Visual Effects Teppei Okuda Key Animation
Visual Effects Shuuji Sakamoto Key Animation
Production Masaya Saito Producer
Visual Effects Nakaya Onsen Creature Design
Visual Effects Yumi Kobayashi Supervising Animation Director
Visual Effects Kentaro Kimura 3D Director
Production Kazutaka Yamanaka Producer
Production Yoshihisa Heishi Co-Executive Producer
Production Eiken Kuwata Co-Executive Producer
Visual Effects Shinnosuke Kato Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Ryu Nakayama Key Animation
Sound Daiki Tsuneta Theme Song Performance
Sound Kazuki Arai Theme Song Performance
Visual Effects Masahiro Yoshisaki Key Animation
Visual Effects Anri Yamazaki Animation Director
Visual Effects Anri Yamazaki Key Animation
Visual Effects Kazuyuki Asaka Key Animation
Visual Effects Chikako Noma Key Animation
Production Atsushi Takahashi Producer
Visual Effects Shinya Kitamura Animation Director
Visual Effects Saori Sakiguchi Key Animation
Art Haruka Matsuda Art Designer
Visual Effects Proro Key Animation
Visual Effects Makoto Tsuruta Key Animation
Visual Effects Haruna Katsu Key Animation
Visual Effects Yoshihide Ideue Key Animation
Visual Effects Yoshikazu Tomita Key Animation
Production Keisuke Seshimo Line Producer
Visual Effects Tomomi Noda Animation Director
Visual Effects Tomomi Noda Key Animation
Visual Effects Shoichi Hotta Key Animation
Production Makoto Ooyoshi Executive Producer
Visual Effects Yuuki Yamashita Key Animation
Visual Effects Tomoyo Nakayama Key Animation
Visual Effects Benjamin Faure Key Animation
Visual Effects Lu Taiwei Key Animation
Visual Effects Yoko Uchida Animation Director
Visual Effects Yoko Uchida Key Animation
Visual Effects Masako Yokote Key Animation
Visual Effects Fei Hung Key Animation
Visual Effects Mitchell Gonzales Key Animation
Visual Effects Kenta Yokoya Key Animation
Visual Effects Nanami Takahashi Key Animation
Visual Effects Keisuke Isedo Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Masato Nakazono Key Animation
Visual Effects Yosuke Yajima Animation Director
Visual Effects Yosuke Yajima Key Animation
Visual Effects Gem Key Animation
Visual Effects Hayato Kurosaki Key Animation
Production Hiro Matsuoka Executive Producer
Writing Chica Lyricist
Visual Effects Naoki Miyajima Key Animation
Visual Effects Isamu Fukushima Key Animation
Visual Effects Yuki Sato Key Animation
Visual Effects Natsumi Uchida Compositing Artist
Crew Kana Tanabe Special Effects
Visual Effects Lin Kewei Key Animation
Visual Effects Shingo Abe Key Animation
Visual Effects Meri Usami Animation
Production Takayuki Oshima Executive Producer
Art Yuki Maeda Background Designer
Art Hiroshi Igaki Background Designer
Visual Effects Tomomi Yabuki Key Animation
Art Rie Sonehara Background Designer
Art Mari Ishikawa Background Designer
Art Daichi Asakura Background Designer
Art Noriko Kataoka Background Designer
Art Miki Koura Background Designer
Art Satoshi Makioka Background Designer
Art Shinya Tanaka Background Designer
Art Momoya Iwata Background Designer
Art Ren Sekiguchi Background Designer
Art Yusuke Mizuno Background Designer
Art Takuya Hirata Background Designer
Production Ryota Ikeda Associate Producer
Visual Effects Tomomi Fujita Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Haruka Motoyama Compositing Artist
Art Mika Nakajima Art Designer
Visual Effects Hiroyuki Sugawara Key Animation
Art Akiko Manabe Background Designer
Crew Kaori Seki Special Effects
Art Miyuki Shimura Background Designer
Art Yang Menglong Background Designer
Art Mine Kizu Background Designer
Art Hiromi Shirahase Background Designer
Art Kohei Imai Background Designer
Art Ji Fengyu Background Designer
Visual Effects Kana Iwasaki Key Animation
Visual Effects Yasushi Kimura Compositing Artist
Art Hiroyuki Kudo Background Designer
Art Jin Sakuma Background Designer
Art Hayato Nakamura Background Designer
Visual Effects Momo Yamamoto Key Animation
Sound Toft Willingham Vocals
Art Tetsuya Usami Background Designer
Art Mari Sawatani Background Designer
Art Sachie Kitazume Background Designer
Art Nozomi Katori Background Designer
Art Emi Watanabe Background Designer
Art Naoki Tsuchiya Background Designer
Production Tatsuya Omori Producer
Production Tatsuro Hayashi Producer
Production Hiroaki Yamazaki Associate Producer
Art Tomoe Ookubo Art Designer
Visual Effects AJIN Animation
Sound Chez Vocals
Sound Jessica Gelinas Vocals
Visual Effects Seina Sato Key Animation
Visual Effects Madoka Yagi Compositing Artist
Sound Tetsuya Satake Sound Recordist
Editing Junichi Arai Online Editor
Art Junko Yokoyama Background Designer
Art Miki Kobayashi Background Designer
Art Chika Toda Assistant Director of Photography
Visual Effects Zhang Jiahua Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Kana Sakai Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Kasumi Ubukata Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Asuka Nakanishi Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Xu Shengzhe Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Lü Ciyue Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Yoshi Kondo Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Ayako Otsuki Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Sayaka Segawa Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Akari Tashiro Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Misaki Kitagawa Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Ichigo Iwaizumi Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Dai Weiying Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Wakana Isoyama Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Rio Konishi Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Kyoko Nakamoto Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Shunsuke Taniguchi Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Natsuki Sato Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Saho Sawada Compositing Artist
Production Yumika Ito Production Assistant
Production Kisu Yoshino Production Assistant
Production Hayato Hakanoshita Production Assistant
Crew Yayoi Kamo Special Effects
Production Mahiro Yokota Production Assistant
Production Naotake Muraoka Production Assistant