Golden Book Video - Beauty and the Beast

Golden Book Video - Beauty and the Beast (1989)

  • Genre: Animation, Fantasy
  • Release Date: 1989-09-04
  • Runtime: 0h 20min
  • Production Company: Bosustow Entertainment
  • Director:


"Beauty and the Beast" - In order to save her father's life, the gentle Beauty must live in a castle of the ugly Beast. Though the Beast is kind, and tries in every way to make her happy, Beauty cannot bring herself to love him. Finally, as he lay dying, Beauty gives the beast a kiss which breaks the spell and magically transforms him into the handsome prince he once was. "The Silver Pony" - A young farmboy daydreams about a beautiful, enchanted pony a pony with wings. The boy climbs upon his back, and they fly high above the treetops. Together, they bring happiness to four very different people. The boy's daydream is wonderful, but it ends all to soon, and the boy wakes up despondent and alone. But there is a wonderful surprise waiting for him as he approaches the once empty corral. Could it be that his day dream has come true?

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Directing Sam Weiss Director
Sound Larry Wolff Music Supervisor
Visual Effects Alan Zaslove Animation
Visual Effects Vincent Bassols Animation
Art Walt Peregoy Background Designer
Editing Lars Floden Editor
Editing Greg Schorer Editor
Writing Marianna Mayer Book
Writing Lynd Ward Book
Sound Larry Wolff Music
Art Tom Johnson Background Designer
Production Nick Bosustow Producer