Golden Blood: The Frontiers of Greed

Golden Blood: The Frontiers of Greed (2023)

Let me tell you a story about gold… a story about greed.


Two best friends, Clint and Lenny, set out to pan for gold during the California Gold Rush. They have a stroke of luck and find a significant amount of gold in their pans. As they continue to pan, Clint becomes increasingly fixated on finding more and more gold, to the point where he becomes ruthless and starts to turn on Lenny. Lenny tries to remind Clint of the importance of their friendship and the values they once held, but Clint's greed continues to consume him. Eventually, their friendship is put to the test as Clint's behavior becomes increasingly dangerous and erratic. Will the gold be the end of their friendship, or will Lenny be able to save his friend from the destructive power of greed?

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Directing Caleb Ferguson Director
Directing Grant Allen Director
Production Michael King Production Assistant
Production Ayden Shoemake Production Assistant
Writing Caleb Ferguson Writer
Writing Grant Allen Writer
Camera Caleb Ferguson Director of Photography
Editing Caleb Ferguson Editor