Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel I. Presage Flower

Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel I. Presage Flower (2017)

star 7.5
From 170 Ratings


Shiro Emiya is a young magus who attends Homurahara Academy in Fuyuki City. One day after cleaning the Archery Dojo in his school, he catches a glimpse of a fight between superhuman beings, and he gets involved in the Holy Grail War, a ritual where magi called Masters fight each other with their Servants to win the Holy Grail. Shiro joins the battle to stop an evildoer from winning the Grail and to save innocent people, but everything goes wrong when a mysterious "Shadow" begins to indiscriminately kill people in Fuyuki...

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Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel I. Presage Flower Photos

Art Kazuo Ebisawa Background Designer
Sound Yuki Kajiura Original Music Composer
Sound Yuki Kajiura Main Title Theme Composer
Writing Kinoko Nasu Novel
Production Hikaru Kondo Producer
Sound Hikaru Kondo Sound Director
Visual Effects Mitsuru Obunai Key Animation
Directing Tomonori Sudo Director
Visual Effects Tomonori Sudo Character Designer
Art Tomonori Sudo Storyboard Artist
Visual Effects Tomonori Sudo Supervising Animation Director
Visual Effects Kojiro Shishido 3D Animator
Visual Effects Kojiro Shishido Compositing Artist
Production Atsuhiro Iwakami Producer
Visual Effects Atsushi Ikariya Character Designer
Visual Effects Atsushi Ikariya Key Animation
Directing Atsushi Ikariya Second Unit Director
Visual Effects Teiichi Takiguchi Animation Director
Visual Effects Teiichi Takiguchi Key Animation
Art Masaru Yanaka Background Designer
Visual Effects Keita Shimizu Animation Director
Visual Effects Keita Shimizu Key Animation
Visual Effects Miyuki Sato Key Animation
Visual Effects Seiji Matsuda 3D Animator
Visual Effects Seiji Matsuda Compositing Artist
Art Kei Tsunematsu Background Designer
Directing Kei Tsunematsu Second Unit Director
Visual Effects Akihiko Uda Key Animation
Visual Effects Shunya Kikuchi Animation Director
Visual Effects Shunya Kikuchi Key Animation
Visual Effects Yuka Shiojima Key Animation
Visual Effects Atsushi Ogasawara Key Animation
Visual Effects Satoshi Takahashi Key Animation
Visual Effects Masatoshi Tsuji Key Animation
Visual Effects Takayuki Motegi Key Animation
Visual Effects Tetsuto Satou Animation Director
Visual Effects Tetsuto Satou Key Animation
Sound Masanori Tsuchiya Sound Recordist
Art Koji Eto Art Direction
Art Koji Eto Background Designer
Art Minoru Maeda Background Designer
Visual Effects Rio Niisato Key Animation
Visual Effects Nozomu Abe Key Animation
Visual Effects Atsushi Tanaka Key Animation
Writing Akira Hiyama Screenplay
Camera Yuichi Terao Director of Photography
Editing Manabu Kamino Editor
Visual Effects Hisayuki Tabata Character Designer
Production Takashi Takeuchi Producer
Art Atsushi Satomi Background Designer
Sound Yuji Akazawa Sound Effects
Art Yuichiro Nakajima Background Designer
Sound Yasunori Mori Music Producer
Art Mizuka Ueda Background Designer
Visual Effects Yoshihiro Maeda Key Animation
Production Shizuka Kurosaki Associate Producer
Visual Effects Sakae Shibuya Key Animation
Art Takahiro Miura Storyboard Artist
Directing Takahiro Miura Second Unit Director
Visual Effects Hiroaki Otsuji Key Animation
Sound Aimer Theme Song Performance
Visual Effects Takashi Mamezuka Key Animation
Visual Effects Miho Kato Key Animation
Visual Effects Ai Asari Animation Director
Visual Effects Ai Asari Key Animation
Art Takeshi Sekino Background Designer
Visual Effects Yutaka Araki Key Animation
Visual Effects Haruka Yoshida Compositing Artist
Art Yuri Kabasawa Assistant Art Director
Art Yuri Kabasawa Background Designer
Visual Effects Kazuki Nishiwaki 3D Director
Visual Effects Kazuki Nishiwaki Compositing Artist
Production Yuma Takahashi Associate Producer
Art Kasumi Takeuchi Assistant Art Director
Art Kasumi Takeuchi Background Designer
Visual Effects Mika Matsuoka Color Designer
Production Ryu Suzuki Production Manager
Visual Effects Masaharu Koyama Key Animation
Visual Effects Hiromi Niwa Key Animation
Visual Effects Akio Shimotsukasa Key Animation
Visual Effects Masato Nagamori Key Animation
Visual Effects Koji Akiyama Animation Director
Visual Effects Koji Akiyama Key Animation
Visual Effects Akane Okabe Key Animation
Visual Effects Shogo Fujiwara Key Animation
Visual Effects Gao Jiawei Key Animation
Visual Effects Shinsuke Yasuda Key Animation
Visual Effects Hitomi Okada Key Animation
Visual Effects Yukiko Saijou Key Animation
Visual Effects Yushiro Hatano Key Animation
Visual Effects Takeyoshi Omagari Key Animation
Visual Effects Kosuke Uto Key Animation
Visual Effects Masayuki Kunihiro Key Animation
Visual Effects Aya Hanzawa Key Animation
Visual Effects Ryo Onoue Key Animation
Visual Effects Shun Yamaoka Animation Director
Visual Effects Shun Yamaoka Key Animation
Visual Effects Akikazu Toshima Key Animation
Visual Effects Akira Ono Key Animation
Visual Effects Jun Yukawa Key Animation
Visual Effects Kim Bo-min Key Animation
Visual Effects Fumihiko Tamura Key Animation
Visual Effects Hiroaki Arai Key Animation
Visual Effects Sae Yoshikawa Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Ricardo Shimabukuro Animation Director
Visual Effects Daiki Teppozuka 3D Animator
Visual Effects Daiki Teppozuka Compositing Artist
Art Asuka Imafuku Background Designer
Art Ayumi Kojima Background Designer
Art Wang Huan Background Designer
Art Kaori Fujii Background Designer
Art Choi Min-soon Background Designer
Art Nguyen Minh Quang Background Designer
Art Shiori Tanigawa Background Designer
Art Tran Thanh Sang Background Designer
Art Tran The Anh Background Designer
Art Nguyen Thi Bao Van Background Designer
Art Phan Van Dat Background Designer
Art Wago Manabe Background Designer
Art Le Xuan Vinh Ha Background Designer
Art Yuki Ikenoue Background Designer
Art Yumie Katou Background Designer
Visual Effects Nobuyuki Iwai Key Animation
Visual Effects Noriko Fujimoto Key Animation
Visual Effects Ryuuta Ura Key Animation
Visual Effects Sakiyo Hama Key Animation
Visual Effects Yaeko Watanabe Key Animation
Visual Effects Yoshiyuki Ohkubo Key Animation
Visual Effects Kaori Urata Key Animation
Editing Yuri Takahashi Online Editor
Art Shinobu Yamaguchi Background Designer
Visual Effects Satoru Kakutani Key Animation
Visual Effects Tomoe Yamamoto Key Animation
Visual Effects Xuan Chenguang Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Hanna Watanabe Compositing Artist
Production Takashi Toda Production Assistant
Art Yuko Kito Background Designer
Art Seiko Imaizumi Background Designer
Art Hiromi Ueno Background Designer
Art Oomi Tateiwa Background Designer
Art Ken Tokashiki Background Designer
Art Kazuhiro Nagano Background Designer
Art Sho Midorikawa Background Designer
Art Sho Hata Background Designer
Art Joung Han-sol Background Designer
Art Kim Min-woo Background Designer
Art Kim Yong-woo Background Designer
Art Nam Joong-hyun Background Designer
Art Choi Gyu-jeong Background Designer
Art Park Jung-ah Background Designer
Art Lee Mi-jin Background Designer
Visual Effects Makoto Nakamura Key Animation
Art Kim Ji-hee Background Designer
Art Yuki Araki Background Designer
Art Tomoyo Yoshida Background Designer
Art Kazuhiro Misawa Background Designer
Art Akiko Iwao Background Designer
Art Tomoya Asami Background Designer
Art Joung Byol Background Designer
Art Her Soon-nea Background Designer
Visual Effects Yuki Yamaguchi 3D Animator
Visual Effects Yuki Yamaguchi Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Rima Nishinaka 3D Animator
Visual Effects Rima Nishinaka Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Naoki Sato 3D Animator
Visual Effects Naoki Sato Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Takatoshi Abe 3D Animator
Visual Effects Takatoshi Abe Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Yuuto Ikawa 3D Animator
Visual Effects Yuuto Ikawa Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Taiki Nishiyama 3D Animator
Visual Effects Taiki Nishiyama Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Keigo Takenaka 3D Animator
Visual Effects Keigo Takenaka Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Shintaro Kobari Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Satoru Yokoyama Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Minami Kohara Compositing Artist
Visual Effects Haruna Iwanaga Compositing Artist
Sound Tomonari Tokuhisa Sound Recordist
Production Keigo Shinohara Production Assistant
Editing Yuichi Aoki Online Editor
Sound Naoki Okabe Sound Mixer
Editing Shunya Takarakura Assistant Editor