Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (2013)

Something big was leftover.

star 6.4
From 2,898 Ratings
6.3 59 71%


After the disastrous food storm in the first film, Flint and his friends are forced to leave the town. Flint accepts the invitation from his idol Chester V to join The Live Corp Company, which has been tasked to clean the island, and where the best inventors in the world create technologies for the betterment of mankind. When Flint discovers that his machine still operates and now creates mutant food beasts like living pickles, hungry tacodiles, shrimpanzees and apple pie-thons, he and his friends must return to save the world.

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    Sound Tom Johnson Sound Re-Recording Mixer
    Sound Mark Mothersbaugh Music
    Production Mary Hidalgo Casting
    Crew Phil Meheux Thanks
    Directing Cody Cameron Director
    Crew H. Lee Peterson Thanks
    Production Chris Juen Co-Producer
    Writing John Francis Daley Screenplay
    Crew Robert Smigel Thanks
    Crew Stan Webb Thanks
    Production Pam Marsden Producer
    Sound Jussi Tegelman Sound Effects Editor
    Production Phil Lord Executive Producer
    Writing Phil Lord Story
    Writing Judi Barrett Characters
    Writing Ron Barrett Characters
    Lighting Kimberley Liptrap Lighting Artist
    Sound John Dunn Sound Effects Editor
    Sound James T. Sale Orchestrator
    Production Christopher Miller Executive Producer
    Writing Christopher Miller Story
    Lighting Lester James Chung Lighting Artist
    Lighting Pablo Holcer Lighting Artist
    Visual Effects Michael Kurinsky Visual Development
    Production Kirk Bodyfelt Producer
    Editing Robert Fisher Jr. Editor
    Directing Kris Pearn Director
    Art Justin K. Thompson Production Design
    Sound Andrew Dorfman Music Editor
    Visual Effects Shaofu Zhang Animation
    Visual Effects David Lisbe Animation
    Visual Effects Chris Reccardi Visual Development
    Sound Robin Harlan Foley
    Writing Erica Rivinoja Screenplay
    Writing Erica Rivinoja Story
    Writing Jonathan Goldstein Screenplay
    Crew Michael Zhang Software Engineer
    Sound Randy Singer Foley
    Sound Sarah Monat Foley
    Sound John Kurlander Scoring Mixer
    Sound Michael Semanick Sound Re-Recording Mixer
    Visual Effects Alessandro Ciucci Animation
    Visual Effects Peter G. Travers VFX Supervisor
    Sound David Werntz Sound Effects Editor
    Crew Mandy Tankenson Digital Producer
    Sound Geoffrey G. Rubay Supervising Sound Editor
    Sound Chris Carpenter Additional Sound Re-Recording Mixer
    Sound John Pospisil Sound Designer
    Lighting Brittany Stine Lighting Coordinator
    Visual Effects Daniele Zannone Animation
    Visual Effects Andre Medina Visual Development
    Visual Effects Avner Engel Animation
    Visual Effects Kelly Mazurowski Animation
    Visual Effects Eddie Prickett Animation
    Visual Effects John Turello Animation
    Lighting Brian Blasiak Lighting Artist
    Lighting Arun Ram-Mohan Lighting Artist
    Lighting Justin Hammond Lighting Technician
    Visual Effects Andrea Castagnoli Animation
    Visual Effects Sean Eckols Visual Development
    Visual Effects Shad Bradbury Animation
    Visual Effects Mike Dharney Animation
    Visual Effects Ed Herft Animation
    Visual Effects Julius Kwan Animation
    Visual Effects Philip Rudolph Animation
    Visual Effects Juan Miguel Vadell Animation
    Visual Effects Tobias von Burkersroda Animation
    Lighting Kayla Franklin Lighting Coordinator
    Visual Effects Dave Mah Animation
    Visual Effects Chris McGaw Animation
    Visual Effects Anand Somasundaran Animation
    Visual Effects Phan Wiantrakoon Animation
    Editing Paul Carrera Associate Editor
    Lighting Olivier Van Zeveren Lighting Artist
    Crew Kevin Webb Supervising Animator
    Lighting Michael Alkan Lighting Artist
    Directing Daniel Erickson Layout
    Visual Effects Anna Cardillo Animation
    Visual Effects Jocelyn Cofer Animation
    Visual Effects Mette Tange Animation
    Sound Kier Lehman Music Supervisor
    Sound Jason George Supervising ADR Editor
    Editing Gregory F. Plotts First Assistant Editor
    Lighting Kenji Sweeney Lighting Artist
    Visual Effects Chris Tost Animation
    Lighting Carlos-Christian Nickel Lighting Artist
    Lighting Lynn Basas Lighting Artist
    Visual Effects Alexander Snow Animation
    Visual Effects Carolyn Vale Animation
    Visual Effects Craig Kellman Character Designer
    Visual Effects Dean Gordon Visual Development
    Visual Effects Jerry Loveland Visual Development
    Visual Effects Roger Vizard Animation
    Lighting John Lai Lighting Artist
    Crew Mathew Cowie Supervising Animator
    Visual Effects Patrick Rossano Animation
    Crew Will Allegra Thanks
    Visual Effects Nathan Fitzgerald Animation
    Crew Dave Krieger Software Engineer
    Crew Owen Hammer Compositors
    Visual Effects Jason Herschaft Animation
    Visual Effects Rahul Dabholkar Animation
    Lighting Terry Ziegelman Lighting Artist
    Lighting Thomas Hollier Master Lighting Artist
    Lighting Chrissy Callahan Lighting Coordinator
    Visual Effects David Gimenez Animation
    Crew Christopher Burdorf Software Engineer
    Sound Jeffrey Schindler Orchestrator
    Lighting Joosten Kuypers Master Lighting Artist
    Visual Effects Lisa Wang Animation
    Crew Scott Englert Software Engineer
    Visual Effects Wesley Chandler Animation
    Sound Roger Linley Musician
    Lighting Sarah M. Sweeney Lighting Artist
    Visual Effects Shawn Clark Animation
    Visual Effects Ryan Page Animation
    Visual Effects Claudio de Oliveira Animation
    Crew Tim Pixton Supervising Animator
    Crew Lucas Miller Software Engineer
    Lighting Frances Kumashiro Lighting Artist
    Visual Effects Manuel Almela Animation
    Sound Tom Burns Sound Recordist
    Visual Effects Mathilde Fabry Animation
    Visual Effects Jean-François Barthélémy Animation
    Lighting Blandine Chanteur Lighting Artist
    Lighting Mark Gelfuso Lighting Artist
    Lighting Ian Jenkins Lighting Artist
    Sound Skaila Kanga Musician
    Visual Effects Jason Martinsen Animation
    Visual Effects Valerie Morrison Animation
    Visual Effects Brendan Body Animation
    Lighting Richard Sandoval Lighting Artist
    Visual Effects Julie Bernier Gosselin Animation
    Visual Effects Callum LaPrairie Animation
    Visual Effects Daniel Pozo Animation
    Visual Effects Bianca Siercke Animation
    Visual Effects David Wesch Animation
    Lighting Scott G. Trosclair Lighting Artist
    Visual Effects Pete Oswald Visual Development
    Visual Effects Kim Hazel Animation
    Lighting Frank Ritlop Lighting Artist
    Visual Effects Chris Turnham Visual Development
    Visual Effects Alexander K. Lee Animation
    Visual Effects Stephen Melagrano Animation
    Art David Bleich Art Direction
    Crew Murilo Coutinho Software Team Lead
    Crew Tad A. Gielow Software Team Lead
    Crew Cottalango Leon Software Team Lead
    Crew J. Robert Ray Software Team Lead
    Crew R. Stirling Duguid CG Supervisor
    Crew Michael Ford CG Supervisor
    Crew Cam Langs CG Supervisor
    Crew Michael Lasker CG Supervisor
    Crew Daniel Lobl CG Supervisor
    Crew Darren Lurie CG Supervisor
    Visual Effects Benjamin Cinelli Animation
    Visual Effects Dave Blais Animation
    Visual Effects Gustavo Calle Animation
    Visual Effects Carlos Carvajal Animation
    Visual Effects Joey Chang Animation
    Visual Effects Eric Cheung Animation
    Visual Effects Ana Cobos Animation
    Visual Effects John T. Coomey Animation
    Visual Effects Samuel Devynck Animation
    Visual Effects Ernesto Esteso Animation
    Visual Effects Eva Fan Animation
    Visual Effects Fernando Franco Animation
    Visual Effects Elisabeth Franklin Animation
    Visual Effects Pedro Daniel García Pérez Animation
    Visual Effects Robin George Animation
    Visual Effects John K. Goodman Animation
    Visual Effects Neil Hillier Animation
    Visual Effects William Hoag Animation
    Visual Effects Andrew Hudec Animation
    Visual Effects José Más Huertas Animation
    Visual Effects Kevin Jackson Animation
    Visual Effects Robert Lehman Animation
    Visual Effects Ina Marczinczik Animation
    Visual Effects Allen O'Sanlou Animation
    Visual Effects J.Q. Park Animation
    Visual Effects Sang Uk Park Animation
    Visual Effects Melanie Plett Animation
    Visual Effects Cesc Pujol Animation
    Visual Effects Caroline Renault Animation
    Visual Effects Josh Riley Animation
    Visual Effects Gwendelyn Robson Animation
    Visual Effects In-Ah Roediger Animation
    Visual Effects Daniel Ruiz Animation
    Visual Effects Valerie Scheiber Animation
    Visual Effects Bobby Taylor Animation
    Visual Effects Zachary Torok Animation
    Visual Effects Karen Trieu Animation
    Visual Effects Melt van der Spuy Animation
    Visual Effects John Vassallo Animation
    Visual Effects Tomás Vega Animation
    Visual Effects Coline Veith Animation
    Visual Effects Adrian Villarino Animation
    Visual Effects Kelsey Wagner Animation
    Visual Effects Matty J. Walker Animation
    Visual Effects Sam Marks Animation Department Coordinator
    Editing Tony Ferdinand Assistant Editor
    Editing Darrian M. James Assistant Editor
    Visual Effects Marvin Kim Character Modelling Supervisor
    Lighting Brian Adams Lighting Artist
    Lighting Jon Aghassian Lighting Artist
    Lighting Thai Bach Lighting Artist
    Lighting Alfredo R. Barcia Lighting Artist
    Lighting Brooke Beane Lighting Artist
    Lighting Richard A.M. Bell Lighting Artist
    Lighting Jared Brient Lighting Artist
    Lighting Simon Carlile Lighting Artist
    Lighting Roger Chao Lighting Artist
    Lighting Joshua Chapel Lighting Artist
    Lighting Arun P. Chidambaram Lighting Artist
    Lighting Bertrand Cordier Lighting Artist
    Lighting Joseph Creswell Lighting Artist
    Lighting Thomas Devorsine Lighting Artist
    Lighting Dale Drummond Lighting Artist
    Lighting Sean Dsouza Lighting Artist
    Lighting Ryan Duhaime Lighting Artist
    Lighting Yann Dupont Lighting Artist
    Lighting Brent Elliott Lighting Artist
    Lighting Christine Gatchalian Lighting Artist
    Lighting Pooya Ghobadpour Lighting Artist
    Lighting Paul Gimm Lighting Artist
    Lighting Matt Giovingo Lighting Artist
    Lighting Maribeth Glass Lighting Artist
    Lighting Todd Hara Lighting Artist
    Lighting Joseph Hayden Lighting Artist
    Lighting Luke Heathcock Lighting Artist
    Lighting John Helton Lighting Artist
    Lighting Marcel Hemingway Lighting Artist
    Lighting Dave R. Howe Lighting Artist
    Lighting Pat Lun Lam Lighting Artist
    Lighting Donna Lanasa Lighting Artist
    Lighting Dan Lavender Lighting Artist
    Lighting Brian James Lee Lighting Artist
    Lighting Shun Sing Edward Lee Lighting Artist
    Lighting Kuan Lin Lighting Artist
    Lighting Jing Jing Liu Lighting Artist
    Lighting Carlos Lucas Lighting Artist
    Lighting Stephen Lunn Lighting Artist
    Lighting Jason Madsen Lighting Artist
    Lighting Will McCrate Lighting Artist
    Lighting Nakia McGlynn Lighting Artist
    Lighting Jim 'Big Dog' McLean Lighting Artist
    Lighting Betsy Mueller Lighting Artist
    Lighting Conor O'Mara Lighting Artist
    Lighting Scott Palleiko Lighting Artist
    Lighting Nick Panagos Lighting Artist
    Lighting Camil Planella Lighting Artist
    Lighting Ricardo Ramos Lighting Artist
    Lighting Joseph Rosensteel Lighting Artist
    Lighting Rosendo Salazar Lighting Artist
    Lighting Rambo Snyder Lighting Artist
    Lighting Sharmishtha Sohoni Lighting Artist
    Lighting Bo Struye Lighting Artist
    Lighting Julien Stuart-Smith Lighting Artist
    Lighting Eric Tablada Lighting Artist
    Lighting Martin Tardif Lighting Artist
    Lighting Ryan Tulloch Lighting Artist
    Lighting Graeme Tung Lighting Artist
    Lighting Carlos A. Vidal Lighting Artist
    Lighting Oleksandr Vozniuk Lighting Artist
    Lighting Nancey S. Wallis Lighting Artist
    Lighting Kelly Walsh Lighting Artist
    Lighting Doris Wang Lighting Artist
    Lighting Mark A. Wilson Lighting Artist
    Lighting Tyquane Wright Lighting Artist
    Lighting Fernando Zorrilla Lighting Artist
    Lighting Johnna Todesco Lighting Coordinator
    Lighting Jennifer S. Williams Lighting Coordinator
    Lighting Benjamin Aguillon Master Lighting Artist
    Lighting Mike Jiang Master Lighting Artist
    Lighting Kurt Judson Master Lighting Artist
    Lighting Alan Zhongnan Chen Master Lighting Artist
    Visual Effects Yohan Bang Modeling
    Visual Effects Steven Browning Modeling
    Visual Effects Joy Chung Modeling
    Visual Effects Yehjean Kim Modeling
    Visual Effects Mark Krentz Modeling
    Visual Effects Eric Neill Modeling
    Visual Effects Jungeun Park Modeling
    Visual Effects Taehyun Park Modeling
    Sound Christopher Guardino Orchestrator
    Production Stamford Cullen Production Accountant
    Production Christina DeSilva Rowell Production Manager
    Production Shelli Rae Coppoolse Production Office Coordinator
    Production Matt Forman Production Office Coordinator
    Production John Grod Production Office Coordinator
    Directing Blake Berger Script Coordinator
    Crew Michael Ball Software Engineer
    Crew Patrick Clark Software Engineer
    Crew Alan Davidson Software Engineer
    Crew Marc-Andre Davignon Software Engineer
    Crew Trey DeCamp Software Engineer
    Crew Tasio Garcia Software Engineer
    Crew Junko V. Igarashi Software Engineer
    Crew Umberto Lazzari Software Engineer
    Crew Sean Looper Software Engineer
    Crew Mike Lyons Software Engineer
    Crew Peter Palombi Software Engineer
    Crew Juan Carlos Moreno Rogel Software Engineer
    Crew Geo Snelling Software Engineer
    Crew Andrea Solis Software Engineer
    Crew Kaz Tanaka Software Engineer
    Crew Brian H. Thompson Software Engineer
    Crew John Welborn Software Engineer
    Crew Brian Wong Software Engineer
    Crew Kaichi Zhou Software Engineer
    Crew Alan Hawkins Supervising Animator
    Crew Joshua Beveridge Supervising Animator
    Crew Joey Kadin Systems Administrators & Support
    Crew Jacob Martinez Systems Administrators & Support
    Crew Christopher Oey Systems Administrators & Support
    Crew Vivian Rogers Systems Administrators & Support
    Visual Effects Seonna Hong Visual Development
    Visual Effects Samantha Kallis Visual Development
    Visual Effects Aaron Spurgeon Visual Development
    Visual Effects Amanda Hui Visual Effects Coordinator
    Sound Brian Smith ADR Mixer
    Art Jennifer Kluska Storyboard Artist