Boruto: Naruto the Movie

Boruto: Naruto the Movie (2015)

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The spirited Boruto Uzumaki, son of Seventh Hokage Naruto, is a skilled ninja who possesses the same brashness and passion his father once had. However, the constant absence of his father, who is busy with his Hokage duties, puts a damper on Boruto's fire. He ends up meeting his father's friend Sasuke, and requests to become... his apprentice!? The curtain on the story of the new generation rises!

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    Art Hiromasa Ogura Background Designer
    Visual Effects Kazuchika Kise Key Animation
    Production Masuo Ueda Executive Producer
    Visual Effects Hirotsugu Kawasaki Key Animation
    Writing Masashi Kishimoto Screenplay
    Production Masashi Kishimoto Executive Producer
    Production Masashi Kishimoto Production Supervisor
    Writing Masashi Kishimoto Story
    Visual Effects Masashi Kishimoto Character Designer
    Writing Masashi Kishimoto Original Series Creator
    Visual Effects Toshiyuki Tsuru Opening/Ending Animation
    Art Yuzo Sato Storyboard Artist
    Art Seiki Tamura Background Designer
    Art Mitsuharu Miyamae Background Designer
    Editing Seiji Morita Editor
    Visual Effects Tetsuya Nishio Animation Director
    Visual Effects Tetsuya Nishio Character Designer
    Visual Effects Tetsuya Nishio Key Animation
    Visual Effects Tetsuya Nishio Supervising Animation Director
    Art Mutsuo Koseki Art Designer
    Art Masanobu Nomura Art Designer
    Art Riko Sudo Background Designer
    Production Jamie Simone Producer
    Art Satoshi Matsuoka Art Designer
    Production Yutaka Sugiyama Associate Producer
    Visual Effects Shigeyuki Miya Key Animation
    Visual Effects Chen Si Han Compositing Artist
    Visual Effects Tsuguyuki Kubo Key Animation
    Writing Ukyo Kodachi Co-Writer
    Sound Yasuharu Takanashi Original Music Composer
    Visual Effects Hiroyuki Horiuchi Key Animation
    Production Yukio Kawasaki Coordinating Producer
    Art Yukihiro Shibutani Background Designer
    Art Yuji Kaneko Background Designer
    Art Kazuyuki Hashimoto Art Designer
    Art Yuji Ikeda Background Designer
    Art Katsushi Aoki Background Designer
    Art Shinichi Uehara Background Designer
    Visual Effects Kazuhiko Udagawa Compositing Artist
    Directing Masaaki Endou Layout
    Visual Effects Masaaki Endou Key Animation
    Art Masaaki Endou Art Designer
    Art Masaaki Endou Storyboard Artist
    Visual Effects Masaaki Endou Layout Supervisor
    Art Ryoko Ina Background Designer
    Visual Effects Atsuko Otani Key Animation
    Visual Effects Norio Matsumoto Animation Director
    Visual Effects Norio Matsumoto Key Animation
    Art Norio Matsumoto Storyboard Artist
    Directing Norio Matsumoto Second Unit Director
    Directing Hiroyuki Yamashita Director
    Visual Effects Hiroyuki Yamashita Key Animation
    Art Hiroyuki Yamashita Storyboard Artist
    Directing Hiroyuki Yamashita Second Unit Director
    Directing Seimei Kidokoro Second Unit Director
    Production Michiyuki Honma Executive Producer
    Sound Yasunori Ebina Sound Director
    Production Riichirô Nakamura Executive Producer
    Art Shingo Tamaki Storyboard Artist
    Visual Effects Itaru Saito Key Animation
    Visual Effects Naohisa Haijima Compositing Artist
    Sound KANA-BOON Theme Song Performance
    Visual Effects Hirofumi Suzuki Character Designer
    Art Yoriyasu Kogawa Storyboard Artist
    Directing Yoriyasu Kogawa Second Unit Director
    Visual Effects Minoru Murao Animation
    Visual Effects Minoru Murao Key Animation
    Visual Effects Yukie Yamamoto Animation
    Visual Effects Kumiko Katou Key Animation
    Visual Effects Seiko Asai Animation Director
    Visual Effects Seiko Asai Key Animation
    Visual Effects Tatsuro Kawano Key Animation
    Production Naoki Watanabe Coordinating Producer
    Production Koichi Machiyama Producer
    Sound Yaiba Original Music Composer
    Visual Effects Mai Masuno Compositing Artist
    Art Kentaro Akiyama Art Designer
    Visual Effects Hiromitsu Seki Key Animation
    Art Kaori Hino Background Designer
    Art Shihomi Kaneko Background Designer
    Visual Effects Akira Matsui Key Animation
    Art Hitoshi Nagasaki Background Designer
    Art Yuichi Suehiro Background Designer
    Visual Effects Hirofumi Masuda Animation Director
    Art Hirofumi Masuda Prop Designer
    Visual Effects Hirofumi Masuda Key Animation
    Visual Effects Katsuya Yamada Animation
    Visual Effects Katsuya Yamada Key Animation
    Visual Effects Yoshiharu Shimizu Animation Director
    Visual Effects Yoshiharu Shimizu Key Animation
    Visual Effects Naoki Kobayashi Animation Director
    Visual Effects Naoki Kobayashi Key Animation
    Art Naoki Kobayashi Storyboard Artist
    Directing Naoki Kobayashi Second Unit Director
    Visual Effects Arifumi Imai Key Animation
    Art Naruyo Kiriyama Art Designer
    Visual Effects Shinji Hashimoto Key Animation
    Visual Effects Yuko Matsui Animation Director
    Visual Effects Yuko Matsui Key Animation
    Visual Effects Kouichi Arai Key Animation
    Art Seiko Yoshioka Background Designer
    Visual Effects Koichi Gonda Compositing Artist
    Visual Effects Masayuki Sato Key Animation
    Art Hisako Akagi Background Designer
    Art Osamu Nakajima Background Designer
    Visual Effects Shiori Ariga Animation
    Visual Effects Asako Matsumura Animation
    Visual Effects Asako Matsumura Key Animation
    Art Akio Shimada Background Designer
    Visual Effects Yoko Suzuki Animation
    Visual Effects Yoko Suzuki Key Animation
    Production Yoshitaka Tao Executive Producer
    Art Etsuko Abe Background Designer
    Visual Effects Tomoaki Takase Key Animation
    Art Akemi Konno Art Designer
    Visual Effects Hiroaki Imaki Animation
    Visual Effects Hiroaki Imaki Animation Director
    Visual Effects Hiroaki Imaki Key Animation
    Visual Effects Narihito Sekikawa Key Animation
    Art Michie Suzuki Background Designer
    Production Masahiko Ibaraki Executive Producer
    Visual Effects Yoshiyuki Kishi Key Animation
    Visual Effects Keiko Shimizu Key Animation
    Camera Atsuho Matsumoto Director of Photography
    Visual Effects Hidetsugu Ito Key Animation
    Visual Effects Atsuki Shimizu Animation
    Visual Effects Atsuki Shimizu Key Animation
    Art Ken Arai Background Designer
    Art Tsuneo Kobayashi Storyboard Artist
    Art Sagako Itakura Background Designer
    Visual Effects Tadashi Matsuzaki Key Animation
    Visual Effects Masayuki Kouda Key Animation
    Production Keita Kodama Associate Producer
    Crew Akio Shiraishi Thanks
    Visual Effects Yuuga Tokuno Animation
    Art Ayami Hidaka Background Designer
    Visual Effects Manabu Kurihara Animation
    Visual Effects Manabu Kurihara Key Animation
    Visual Effects Yuichi Endo Animation
    Visual Effects Yuichi Endo Key Animation
    Art Ayaka Fujii Background Designer
    Art Seina Yaguchi Background Designer
    Visual Effects Shigeyuki Sato Key Animation
    Visual Effects Yoshito Narimatsu Key Animation
    Visual Effects Maki Kawake Key Animation
    Visual Effects Saeko Ozawa Key Animation
    Visual Effects Yuta Kiso Key Animation
    Visual Effects Aki Maeda Key Animation
    Visual Effects Etsuko Kawano Key Animation
    Visual Effects Toshiyuki Anzai Animation
    Visual Effects Toshiyuki Anzai Key Animation
    Visual Effects Han Seung-ah Animation
    Visual Effects Han Seung-ah Key Animation
    Visual Effects Kenichi Fujisawa Key Animation
    Visual Effects Naoki Takahashi Key Animation
    Visual Effects Yukina Kosaka Animation
    Visual Effects Ai Mochida Animation
    Art Yoshiki Matsumura Background Designer
    Production Yuta Suzuki Production Assistant
    Art Tomoko Zama Background Designer
    Visual Effects Masayuki Katou Animation
    Visual Effects Masayuki Katou Key Animation
    Directing Hiroto Tanaka Layout
    Visual Effects Hiroto Tanaka Key Animation
    Art Hiroto Tanaka Art Designer
    Visual Effects Hiroto Tanaka Layout Supervisor
    Visual Effects Toru Sugawara Compositing Artist
    Art Megumi Kato Background Designer
    Art Kenji Fukuda Background Designer
    Visual Effects Takafumi Hino Key Animation
    Visual Effects Ayako Sato Key Animation
    Visual Effects Kasumi Wada Key Animation
    Visual Effects Mifumi Tomita Animation
    Art Marie Kitai Background Designer
    Art Kouji Maruyama Background Designer
    Visual Effects Ichiro Uno Animation Director
    Production Hiroyuki Ban Associate Producer
    Production Kôichi Endô Executive Producer
    Production Ryosuke Hagiwara Associate Producer
    Production Takayuki Hirobe Producer
    Production Shoji Matsui Producer
    Production Kazumichi Ueda Coordinating Producer
    Production Satoshi Ôshima Executive Producer
    Crew Dai Matsubara Thanks
    Visual Effects Shingo Takenaka Key Animation
    Visual Effects Du Weifeng Animation
    Visual Effects Yuji Takagi Animation
    Visual Effects Yuji Takagi Key Animation
    Visual Effects Momoko Nagakawa Key Animation
    Visual Effects Hitoshi Yoshida Compositing Artist
    Visual Effects Yuta Tsuchiya Key Animation
    Art Takayuki Suzuki Background Designer
    Visual Effects Yasushi Kimura Compositing Artist
    Art Chie Okubo Background Designer
    Art Misae Kawakubo Background Designer
    Art Kazuhiko Suzuki Background Designer
    Visual Effects Manami Fukuyo Key Animation
    Art Emiko Kaneyama Background Designer
    Art Chieko Hanada Background Designer
    Visual Effects Wang Bin Animation
    Art Shu Imai Background Designer
    Art Midori Ito Background Designer
    Art Wataru Nishizawa Background Designer
    Art Shunsuke Sakai Background Designer
    Art Sachi Ishida Background Designer
    Visual Effects Noriko Ootake Key Animation
    Visual Effects Daisuke Chiba Compositing Artist
    Art Liu Zhuoming Background Designer
    Visual Effects Aki Nakagawa Key Animation
    Art Masato Miyake Background Designer
    Visual Effects Takanori Saito Animation
    Visual Effects Takanori Saito Key Animation
    Visual Effects Takahiro Takamizawa Key Animation
    Visual Effects Kimiko Kitazawa Color Designer
    Art Cao Tai Background Designer
    Art Tran Thuan Background Designer
    Art Nguyen Anh Background Designer
    Art Tran Thuy Background Designer
    Visual Effects Nobuo Kimura Compositing Artist
    Art Tomohiro Maruyama Background Designer
    Visual Effects Emi Ikebuchi Animation
    Visual Effects Mika Okubo Animation
    Visual Effects Shin'ya Oda CG Artist
    Visual Effects Ayumi Sōda Compositing Artist
    Visual Effects Kaori Kawashima Compositing Artist
    Visual Effects Kaoru Nagasawa Compositing Artist
    Visual Effects Kazuko Koyanagi Compositing Artist
    Visual Effects Kimika Hagiwara Compositing Artist
    Visual Effects Naohito Inaba Compositing Artist
    Visual Effects Riho Kurematsu Compositing Artist
    Visual Effects Ryo Ohashi Compositing Artist
    Visual Effects Shinji Ikegami Compositing Artist
    Visual Effects Shotaro Suehiro Compositing Artist
    Visual Effects Shoya Nakataka Compositing Artist
    Visual Effects Tomoe Muramatsu Compositing Artist
    Visual Effects Yoshiko Shimizu Compositing Artist
    Visual Effects Yuji Shirai Compositing Artist
    Visual Effects Yukie Ōji Compositing Artist
    Visual Effects Yuko Orikasa Compositing Artist
    Visual Effects Yumiko Morimoto Compositing Artist
    Visual Effects Yūsuke Hirooka Compositing Artist
    Visual Effects Naomi Wada CG Artist
    Visual Effects Yuki Sakuraba Compositing Artist
    Art Yukina Ikuta Assistant Director of Photography
    Visual Effects Yuna Miyazaki Compositing Artist
    Visual Effects Mamoru Yanagihara Compositing Artist
    Visual Effects Fumie Kaneko Animation
    Art Junji Ozeki Background Designer
    Art Yuka Kawamoto Background Designer
    Art Sung Dae Young Background Designer
    Visual Effects Lu Xiasheng Animation
    Visual Effects Ma Xiaojie Animation
    Crew Takeshi Taira Thanks
    Crew Takahiro Hiraishi Thanks
    Crew Atsuhiro Sato Thanks
    Crew Masaki Murakami Thanks
    Crew Akira Okubo Thanks
    Crew Koichi Nishitani Thanks
    Crew Mikio Ikemoto Thanks