Backflip!! The Movie

Backflip!! The Movie (2022)

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Ever since coming across the world of boy’s rhythmic gymnastics during the last summer of junior-high, Shotaro Futaba has become fascinated with the sport. So when he enters Soshokuan Private High School, known as Ao High for short, he heads to the boy’s rhythmic gymnastics club, where he meets unique seniors and the ace of the team, Ryoya Misato. The members of the club each have their own passions, but they’ve put it all on the line with a single goal in mind. Now the next stage in their journey has arrived: the inter-high competition!

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Backflip!! The Movie Photos

Art Hiromasa Ogura Art Direction
Sound Yukio Nagasaki Sound Director
Art Yuka Hirama Art Direction
Visual Effects Hiroyuki Aoyama Key Animation
Production Atsuhiro Iwakami Executive Producer
Visual Effects Hiroyuki Horiuchi Key Animation
Visual Effects Emi Chiba Color Designer
Sound Yuki Hayashi Original Music Composer
Visual Effects Ryoji Masuyama Key Animation
Art Ryoji Masuyama Storyboard Artist
Directing Ryoji Masuyama Second Unit Director
Visual Effects Yuka Shibata Animation Director
Visual Effects Yuka Shibata Character Designer
Visual Effects Yuka Shibata Key Animation
Visual Effects Yuka Shibata Supervising Animation Director
Visual Effects Aika Kawasaki Key Animation
Writing Toshizo Nemoto Screenplay
Editing Daisuke Hiraki Editor
Visual Effects Yoshiyuki Fujiwara Key Animation
Art Yoshiyuki Fujiwara Storyboard Artist
Directing Yoshiyuki Fujiwara Second Unit Director
Sound Yasuyuki Konno Sound Effects
Visual Effects Miyako Yatsu Key Animation
Visual Effects Natsuko Fujiwara Animation Director
Visual Effects Natsuko Fujiwara Key Animation
Visual Effects Yui Kinoshita Animation Director
Visual Effects Yui Kinoshita Key Animation
Visual Effects Naru Hosoma Key Animation
Visual Effects Shigeru Kimishima Key Animation
Production Yukiko Takase Executive Producer
Visual Effects Mitsuru Chiba Animation Director
Visual Effects Mitsuru Chiba Key Animation
Visual Effects Hitomi Tsuruta Animation Director
Visual Effects Hitomi Tsuruta Key Animation
Visual Effects Seishirou Nagaya Key Animation
Art Seishirou Nagaya Storyboard Artist
Directing Seishirou Nagaya Second Unit Director
Visual Effects Chizuko Kusakabe Animation Director
Visual Effects Chizuko Kusakabe Key Animation
Camera Ryo Ito Director of Photography
Directing Toshimasa Kuroyanagi Director
Visual Effects Toshimasa Kuroyanagi Key Animation
Art Toshimasa Kuroyanagi Storyboard Artist
Directing Toshimasa Kuroyanagi Second Unit Director
Visual Effects Miwa Sasaki Key Animation
Art Miwa Sasaki Storyboard Artist
Directing Miwa Sasaki Second Unit Director
Production Kiyoshi Shintaku Producer
Camera Takahiro Hondai Director of Photography
Visual Effects Tomoko Sugimoto Key Animation
Visual Effects Hatsumi Takahashi Key Animation
Art Mamio Ogawa Art Designer
Production Daisuke Kawakami Executive Producer
Art Shingo Yamashita Storyboard Artist
Visual Effects Ayumu Ikeda Key Animation
Sound Yui Ando Sound Effects
Sound Toshihiro Funahashi Music Producer
Directing Kuniyasu Nishina Second Unit Director
Visual Effects Natsue Chibayama Key Animation
Visual Effects Mami Takino Key Animation
Visual Effects Kazutoshi Inoue Key Animation
Visual Effects Kiyomi Torii Key Animation
Visual Effects Nana Fujiki Key Animation
Crew Fumiaki Kouta Technical Supervisor
Visual Effects Fumiaki Kouta Key Animation
Directing Fumiaki Kouta Second Unit Director
Visual Effects Aya Nakanishi Animation Director
Art Aya Nakanishi Prop Designer
Visual Effects Aya Nakanishi Key Animation
Visual Effects Aya Nakanishi Supervising Animation Director
Visual Effects Shuji Shinoda CGI Director
Visual Effects Teruyo Kato Key Animation
Visual Effects Hayato Sakai Animation Director
Visual Effects Hayato Sakai Key Animation
Visual Effects Yuko Hishinuma Key Animation
Visual Effects Shihomi Matsubayashi Key Animation
Visual Effects Naomi Saeki Key Animation
Production Shingo Kunieda Executive Producer
Visual Effects Susumu Matsunaga Key Animation
Production Yasushi Kuwata Executive Producer
Production Noriko Iwasaki Producer
Visual Effects Manami Morishita Key Animation
Visual Effects Harumi Takagi Key Animation
Visual Effects Masahiro Tomaru Key Animation
Visual Effects Shogo Matsumoto Animation Director
Visual Effects Shogo Matsumoto Key Animation
Directing Shogo Matsumoto Action Director
Production Akitoshi Mori Producer
Visual Effects Kasumi Kamada Key Animation
Production Akira Sasaki Executive Producer
Production Hisashi Ishiwata Executive Producer
Visual Effects Sho Ochiai Key Animation
Visual Effects Yuka Miyajima Key Animation
Visual Effects Naho Sato Key Animation
Visual Effects Misato Aoyama Key Animation
Sound Nobuaki Takayama Music Producer
Production Yasuhiro Asada Executive Producer