Archive: Lone Wolf and Cub

Archive: Lone Wolf and Cub (2008)


This series of interviews with the filmmakers who worked on the 6 Baby Cart movies tells the stories behind the story, as they recount what led up to, and how they created the greatest film series in movie history. From the first interview with original author Koike Kazuo through the behind the scenes journey told by half a dozen noted staff members this specially produced DVD is essential viewing for anyone with an interest in samurai movies at their zenith. Starting with the first meeting that original manga author Koike Kazuo had with Wakayama Tomisaburo and never letting up as other notables including director Saito Buichi, producer Sanada Masanori, stunt choreographer Shishido Daizen, cinematographer Morita Fujio, sound recordist Hayashi Tsuchitaro, screenwriter Nakamura Tsutomu, and the real life son of Lone Wolf, Wakayama Kiichiro share their wealth of knowledge.

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