Mary and The Witch's Flower

Mary and The Witch's Flower (2017)

star 7.1
From 595 Ratings
6.8 75 89%


Mary Smith, a young girl who lives with her great-aunt in the countryside, follows a mysterious cat into the nearby forest where she finds a strange flower and an old broom, none of which is as ordinary as it seems.

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Mary and The Witch's Flower Photos

Crew Hayao Miyazaki Thanks
Art Yōji Takeshige Background Designer
Visual Effects Takeshi Inamura Animation Director
Art Noboru Yoshida Background Designer
Visual Effects Masashi Ando Key Animation
Production Will Clarke Producer
Production Naoya Fujimaki Associate Producer
Production Ryoichi Fukuyama Associate Producer
Production Hideaki Anno Executive Producer
Art Tatsuya Kushida Background Designer
Visual Effects Toshihiko Masuda Key Animation
Sound Koji Kasamatsu Sound Director
Sound Akira Fukada Music Editor
Writing Hiromasa Yonebayashi Screenplay
Directing Hiromasa Yonebayashi Director
Art Kazuo Oga Background Designer
Sound Takatsugu Muramatsu Original Music Composer
Production Minami Ichikawa Associate Producer
Production Geoffrey Wexler Producer
Writing Riko Sakaguchi Screenplay
Camera Tooru Fukushi Director of Photography
Visual Effects Yoshiyuki Momose Key Animation
Editing Toshihiko Kojima Editor
Production Naoki Iwasa Co-Executive Producer
Visual Effects Takashi Hashimoto Key Animation
Visual Effects Susumu Mitsunaka Key Animation
Art Kosuke Hayashi Background Designer
Production Yoshiaki Nishimura Producer
Visual Effects Hideki Hamasu Key Animation
Visual Effects Fumie Imai Key Animation
Visual Effects Hiroko Minowa Key Animation
Visual Effects Akiyo Okuda Key Animation
Visual Effects Kazuyoshi Onoda Key Animation
Visual Effects Kiyotaka Oshiyama Key Animation
Visual Effects Shinji Otsuka Key Animation
Visual Effects Sachiko Sugino Key Animation
Visual Effects Hiroomi Yamakawa Key Animation
Visual Effects Eiji Yamamori Key Animation
Visual Effects Masafumi Yokota Key Animation
Visual Effects Shinya Ohira Key Animation
Art Naomi Kasugai Background Designer
Visual Effects Toshio Kawaguchi Key Animation
Visual Effects Mariko Matsuo Key Animation
Visual Effects Hiroshi Shimizu Key Animation
Art Kiyomi Oota Background Designer
Visual Effects Atsuko Otani Key Animation
Visual Effects Takaaki Yamashita Key Animation
Visual Effects Shigeru Fujita Key Animation
Art Tomoya Imai Background Designer
Visual Effects Satoko Morikawa Key Animation
Writing Mary Stewart Novel
Sound Eriko Kimura Recording Supervision
Production Daisuke Kadoya Executive Producer
Art Yoichi Nishikawa Background Designer
Art Takashi Omori Background Designer
Art Yohei Takamatsu Background Designer
Visual Effects Minoru Ohashi Key Animation
Production Joshua Jason Publicist
Visual Effects Kazutaka Ozaki Key Animation
Art Akane Iwakuma Background Designer
Art Ayae Kanbe Background Designer
Art Kikuyo Yano Background Designer
Art Kurumi Katayama Background Designer
Art Tomotaka Kubo Art Direction
Art Yuka Nitta Background Designer
Visual Effects Hirofumi Masuda Key Animation
Visual Effects Izumi Seguchi Key Animation
Visual Effects Shinji Hashimoto Key Animation
Visual Effects Takayuki Hamada Key Animation
Sound Suminobu Hamada Music Editor
Production Kyohei Ito Line Producer
Visual Effects Shinichiro Yamada Key Animation
Art Akemi Higashi Background Designer
Visual Effects Akira Honma Key Animation
Art Yumi Ishii Background Designer
Visual Effects Hiroshi Kawaguchi Key Animation
Art Yu Xuan Liu Background Designer
Visual Effects Tatsuzou Nishita Key Animation
Art Hiroshi Sato Background Designer
Art Miho Tokita Background Designer
Production Tomoko Hosokawa Producer
Production Shô Oyamada Producer
Production Satoko Ookubo Producer
Production Tetsu Shinagawa Production Manager
Art Sakoto Nakamura Art Designer
Sound Momoko Murata Sound Engineer
Sound Hajime Takagi Sound Engineer
Sound Naoko Touda Sound Engineer
Sound Mika Yamaguchi Foley
Visual Effects Shujiro Ami Key Animation
Art Toshie Honda Background Designer
Art Sadaaki Honma Background Designer
Art Yôko Kamiyama Background Designer
Art Noriko Kohinata Background Designer
Art Akira Kuramoto Background Designer
Visual Effects Asako Matsumura Key Animation
Visual Effects Emi Ohta Key Animation
Art Jun Okabe Background Designer
Art So Senoo Background Designer
Art Akio Shimada Background Designer
Art Kurumi Suzuki Background Designer
Visual Effects Yuichi Takahashi Key Animation
Visual Effects Atsushi Tamura Key Animation
Visual Effects Tomoko Tani Key Animation
Visual Effects Ryosuke Tsuchiya Key Animation
Visual Effects Naoya Wada Key Animation
Sound Masaki Nakanishi Music Producer
Sound Liu Zhengyue Music Producer
Sound Fukase Songs
Sound Fukase Theme Song Performance
Writing Fukase Lyricist
Sound Saori Songs
Sound Saori Theme Song Performance
Writing Saori Lyricist
Sound Nakajin Songs
Sound Nakajin Theme Song Performance
Sound DJ LOVE Theme Song Performance