Kirby: Fright to the Finish!

Kirby: Fright to the Finish! (2005)

  • Genre: Animation, Fantasy
  • Release Date: 2005-12-09
  • Runtime: 1h 23min
  • Production Company: Nintendo
  • Production Country: Japan, United States of America
  • Director:


This animated adventure features one of Nintendo's most popular characters, that lovable puffball Kirby. In this action-filled movie, Kirby battles a fleet of mysterious spaceships that have the effrontery to attack Dream Land. Our pint-sized hero embarks on a nerve-shattering journey into deep space, where he must confront his ultimate nightmare: the diabolical eNeMeE. Will Kirby emerge unscathed and victorious?

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Production Michael Haigney Producer
Production Norman J. Grossfeld Executive Producer
Directing Soji Yoshikawa Director
Writing Soji Yoshikawa Writer
Sound Rusty Andrews Music