Exit Thread

Exit Thread


Tom Decker is a clergyman in his late twenties with a rural church outside of a small college town. Laura Carlisle is a mid-thirties history professor who has recently begun a romantic relationship with Tom. Abigail Scott is a mid-twenties graduate student studying under Carlisle who is also Tom's oldest and closest friend from childhood. The three realize that they have interconnecting relationships when they find themselves at the funeral for Laura's former mentor. Unbeknownst to Laura, Tom and Abigail have a past that extends beyond friendship - they were once lovers. While Abigail longs for a return to that passionate relationship, Tom struggles with his continuing attraction to her, even as he falls further in love with Laura. Observing all of this at a distance is Rev. Ezekiel Hartt, a clergyman in his mid-sixties who has returned to town after a long absence with a secret that threatens to destroy them all.

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  • Hilary Connell

    as Abigail Scott
  • Anthony Shuster

    as Thomas Decker
  • Crystal Allen

    as Laura Carlisle
  • Robert G. Slade

    as Ezekiel Hart
  • Robert G. Slade

    as Ezekiel Hartt
  • Samson Marchand

    as Zeke
Directing Paul Kimball Director
Writing Paul Kimball Screenplay
Writing Ron Foley MacDonald Screenplay
Crew Ken LeBlanc Cinematography