Document: Fang of the Sun Dougram

Document: Fang of the Sun Dougram (1983)

Can you see the truth?


In Space Century (SC) 152, the planet Deloyer, Earth's only colony, is home to a growing independence movement. The Fang of the Sun are a small team of guerillas fighting against Earth's occupation. To counter Earth's Combat Armors, they have a lone Combat Armor of their own: Dougram, a CA specially built for Deloyer's environment — and piloted by Crinn Cashim, the rebellious son of the leader of the Earth government on Deloyer. This compilation film version presents the events of the 75 episode anime series as a documentary, primarily focusing on the story's politics rather than the main characters. Originally screened with the short "Choro Q Dougram" and the Combat Mecha Xabungle compilation film Xabungle Graffiti.

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Writing Sukehiro Tomita Screenplay
Directing Ryousuke Takahashi Director
Writing Ryousuke Takahashi Original Story
Writing Hiroyuki Hoshiyama Screenplay
Writing Hiroyuki Hoshiyama Original Story
Art Mitsuki Nakamura Art Direction
Production Masanori Itô Producer
Crew Soji Yoshikawa Script
Visual Effects Norio Shioyama Character Designer
Sound Tooru Fuyuki Music
Writing Yoshitake Suzuki Screenplay
Visual Effects Kunio Okawara Mechanical Designer
Production Masami Iwasaki Producer
Production Tetsuhisa Yamada Producer
Crew Eiji Yamaura Schedule Coordinator