Bronson (2008)

The Man. The Myth. The Celebrity.

star 7/10
From 1,534 Ratings


A young man who was sentenced to 7 years in prison for robbing a post office ends up spending 30 years in solitary confinement. During this time, his own personality is supplanted by his alter ego, Charles Bronson.

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  • Tom Hardy

    as Michael Peterson (Charles Bronson)
  • Matt King

    as Paul Daniels
  • James Lance

    as Phil
  • Kelly Adams

    as Irene
  • Katy Barker

    as Julie
  • Amanda Burton

    as Charlie's Mum
  • Andrew Forbes

    as Charlie's Dad
  • Jon House

    as Webber
  • Juliet Oldfield

    as Alison
  • Mark Powley

    as Andy Love / Friendly Screw
  • Hugh Ross

    as Uncle Jack
  • Andrew St. John

    as Workshop Supervisor
  • Joe Tucker

    as John White
  • Tracy Wiles

    as Jewellery Shop Assistant 1
  • Luing Andrews

    as Hysterical Screw
  • Jonny Phillips

    as Prison Governor
  • Neil Broome

    as Headmaster
  • Paul Donnelly

    as Screw
Camera Larry Smith Director of Photography
Production Thor Sigurjonsson Executive Producer
Writing Nicolas Winding Refn Screenplay
Directing Nicolas Winding Refn Director
Production Nick Love Executive Producer
Production James Richardson Executive Producer
Production Rupert Preston Producer
Production Allan Niblo Executive Producer
Production Kate Ogborn Executive Producer
Production Rob Morgan Executive Producer
Writing Brock Norman Brock Screenplay
Production Simon Fawcett Executive Producer
Editing Matthew Newman Editor
Production Jane Hooks Producer
Production Suzanne Alizart Executive Producer
Production Danny Hansford Producer
Production Jessica Cooke Producer
Production Sean Faughnan Producer
Production Paul Martin Executive Producer