Asterix & Obelix Take on Caesar

Asterix & Obelix Take on Caesar (1999)

The Gauls are revolting!

star 6/10
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Set in 50 B.C., Asterix and Obelix are living in a small but well-protected village in Gaul, where a magic potion concocted by Druids turns the townsfolk into mighty soldiers. When Roman troops carve a path through Gaul to reach the English Channel, Caesar and his aide de camp Detritus discover the secret elixir and capture the Druid leader who knows its formula, and Asterix and Obelix are sent off to rescue them.

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Asterix & Obelix Take on Caesar Photos

  • Christian Clavier

    as Astérix
  • Gérard Depardieu

    as Obélix
  • Roberto Benigni

    as Lucius Detritus
  • Michel Galabru

    as Abraracourcix (Majestix)
  • Gottfried John

    as Caesar
  • Laetitia Casta

    as Falbala
  • Claude Piéplu

    as Panoramix
  • Daniel Prévost

    as Prolix
  • Pierre Palmade

    as Assurancetourix
  • Arielle Dombasle

    as Mme Agecanonix
  • Marianne Sägebrecht

    as Bonemine
  • Jean-Pierre Castaldi

    as Caius Bonus
  • Jean-Roger Milo

    as Cétautomatix
  • Jean-Jacques Devaux

    as Ordralfabetix
  • Hardy Krüger Jr.

    as Tragicomix
  • Michel Muller

    as Malosinus
  • Jean-Yves Tual

    as Mathusalix
  • Olivier Achard

    as Anorexix
  • Simon Jacques Eugène Berryer

    as Agecanonix
  • Gaëtan Bloom

    as Plaintecontrix
  • Jacques Beyster

    as Ourix
Editing Hervé de Luze Editor
Camera Tony Pierce-Roberts Director of Photography
Writing Claude Zidi Screenplay
Directing Claude Zidi Director
Production Pierre Grunstein Executive Producer
Production Claude Berri Producer
Writing René Goscinny Author
Writing Albert Uderzo Author
Directing Paul Brizzi Layout
Sound Jean-Jacques Goldman Original Music Composer
Sound Roland Romanelli Original Music Composer
Editing Nicole Saunier Editor