Ah! My Goddess: The Movie

Ah! My Goddess: The Movie (2000)

star 6.6/10
From 11 Ratings


It has been three spring-times since Belldandy came to Earth to grant Keiichi one wish. Things seem to be fine with them while living in the temple with Belldandy's sisters Urd and Skuld, but little do they know that a fallen god from Belldandy's past has escaped from his lunar prison. He has plans for everyone which do not include what the goddess and her human lover wanted for themselves.

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  • Kikuko Inoue

    as Belldandy
  • Masami Kikuchi

    as Keiichi Morisato
  • Aya Hisakawa

    as Skuld
  • Yumi Touma

    as Urd (voice)
  • Hiroshi Yanaka

    as Celestin
  • Yui Horie

    as Chrono
  • Rumi Kasahara

    as Ere
  • Akiko Yajima

    as Ex
  • Yuka Imai

    as Chihiro Fujimi
  • Yuriko Fuchizaki

    as Megumi Morisato (voice)
  • Ayako Kawasumi

    as Morgan le Fay (voice)
  • Ikue Otani

    as Sora Hasegawa (voice)
  • Lia Sargent

    as Morgan le Fay (voice)
  • Tony Oliver

    as Keiichi Morisato (voice)
  • Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

    as Urd (voice)
  • Melissa Fahn

    as Sora Hasegawa (voice)
  • Barbara Goodson

    as Ere (voice)
  • Dorothy Elias-Fahn

    as Chihiro Fujimi (voice)
  • Tara Sands

    as Chrono (voice)
  • Bob Papenbrook

    as Tamiya (voice)
  • Kirk Baily

    as Additional Voices (voice)
  • Johnny Yong Bosch

    as Additional Voices (voice)
  • Richard Epcar

    as Additional Voices (voice)
  • Jonathan Fahn

    as Additional Voices (voice)
  • Lynn Fischer

    as Additional Voices (voice)
  • Steve Kramer

    as Additional Voices (voice)
  • Steve Staley

    as Additional Voices (voice)
  • William Bassett

    as God (voice)
  • Steve Blum

    as Celestine (voice)
  • Bridget Hoffman

    as Belldandy (voice)
Directing Hiroaki Gôda Director
Crew Kousuke Fujishima Series Writer
Writing Michiko Yokote Screenplay
Sound Nobuo Uematsu Music
Camera Hisao Shirai Director of Photography
Editing Toshio Henmi Editor
Editing Yutaka Itou Editor
Production Kin'ya Watanabe Producer
Production Takeshi Yoshida Producer
Art Shunichiro Yoshihara Art Direction
Editing Hisao Shirai Editorial Manager
Sound Kevin Seymour ADR & Dubbing