Paul Fennell

Paul Fennell

  • Birthday: 1909-11-09
  • Deathday: 1990-01-18
  • Also know as: Paul John Fennell


Paul Fennell was a storyboard artist who got his start as an animator at Disney Studios in 1933, contributing as an uncredited animator to shorts such as Mickey’s Mellerdrammer (1933), Mickey’s Mechanical Man (1933), and Father’s Noah’s Ark  (1933). Leaving in 1933 to work at Leon Schlesinger, alongside other Disney animators, Bill Mason and Tom Palmer, Paul Fennell produced animations for Warner Bros., and during the war directed cartoon propaganda films for the army.  In the early ’40s, Fennell formed an independent company called Cartoons, Ltd., developed with Jerry Brewer and Ed Benedict, producing animations such as This Changing World, released in 1941 by Columbia pictures, and theatrical advertisements mixing live action and animation, for corporations such as Sunkist, Esso Gas, and The American Tobacco Company.  From: