Don Dingas

Don Dingas

  • Place of birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


DON DINGAS Director / Actor / Writer Creative Bio Don Dingas has been working professionally in the entertainment industry since 1990. Born in Philadelphia, Don began his career in front of the camera at the age of sixteen, performing in local commercials and television shows. As his career flourished, Don found he also had an innate knowledge and a strong interest in production, and especially, cinematography. Naturally, it wasn’t long before Don found himself eager to learn more about cameras and directing, and he soon founded DFT Audio Visual production company. Don began producing television programming for PBS, along with, hundreds of television commercials for, American Express, Anderson Consulting, KPMG, Comcast, the United States Army, American Cancer Research, CBS, ABC, World Television News, BBC London, Allstate, Anheuser-Busch, Johnson & Johnson, Israeli Television, and many more. Alongside of his busy work schedule in corporate programming, Don also found time to continue his passion for the arts, and has produced three feature films, and two national award-winning documentaries, with focus on environmental awareness. His keen skills in producing, directing, writing, acting, cinematography, editing, and even, composing, have all grown exponentially. Don’s newest effort, his third feature film, is entitled, “AURORA 663”. It is an action-packed, Psychological Thriller - Action movie, which is currently enjoying a successful, and award gathering, worldwide film festival run. Don has proven himself to be a highly motivated, impressively savvy, and incredibly talented professional filmmaker and actor, who has many projects in various stages of production. And who always has an eye out for that next great project. Don accredits his many successes to staying grounded and treating the work with respect. And he plans to continue enjoying his love of film making, and the thrill of acting, for a long, long time.




As Cinematography