Ritsuo Sawa

Ritsuo Sawa

  • Birthday: 1935-12-20
  • Place of birth: Tokyo, Japan
  • Also know as: 沢りつお


the Japan of the male actor , voice actor . Theater echo belongs. Blood type is A type. Graduated from Saitama Prefectural Kumagaya High School . After graduating from high school, he worked at the US military base PX , and after three years, went on to the role of an actor . [3] After working for theatrical company Etsetra and theatrical company Mayflower, in 1961 belonged to Theater Theater Echo . He has been active since the dawn of dubbing. As a voice actor, he has been active mainly in the dubbing of foreign films and overseas dramas. In animation, he often plays the role of an old man. There is a portrait on the Theater Echo homepage instead of a photo. However, there is almost no refusal to appear in interviews with Kamen Rider, appearances in dramas, and introductions in the voice actor dictionary. The goal is to appear in Hollywood or overseas movies, and the dream says he hasn't given up after he was over 70.