Bud Davis

Bud Davis

  • Birthday: 1936-12-23
  • Place of birth: USA
  • Also know as: Bud G. Davis


Bud Davis Is One Extraordinary Actor, Voice Actor Artist & A Stuntman. In The 20th Century, He Evolved The Horror Genre As A Sadistic Madman In The 70's. When The 80's Hit Bud Found Himself Going Further Into Stunts, In Which He Worked On Forrest Gump. When The 90's Begin He Was Currently A Stuntman, Which He Continued Into The 2000's. Bud Now Entered Into The 21st Century, He Was An Incredible Stuntman Who Made A Career In Film & In Television. His Later Works Included Inglorious Bastards & Unstoppable. He Will Always Go Down In The Record Books As A Fantastic Breathtaking Stuntman.