Carlo Vogele

Carlo Vogele

  • Place of birth: Luxembourg


Born in Luxembourg in 1981, Carlo Vogele grew up on Walkman, Donkey Kong and German literature. After short-lived forays into Catholic altar boy-hood and literary dilettantism, he moved to Berlin to study Theatre Arts at the Freie Universität. Inspired to reinvent himself in Paris, the city sparks in him a love for film, food, art history and... animation! In 2008, he graduated from Gobelins Animation School with the graduation short film "For Sock's Sake" that he produced while on student exchange at CalArts. Before returning to France the film was screened at a student career fair and led to a position as a Character Animator at Pixar for 7 years. Since 2015, he is leading the development of the animated feature "Icarus" with the Luxembourg-based film studio, The Iris Group.