Regis Parton

Regis Parton

  • Birthday: 1917-01-27
  • Deathday: 1996-05-31
  • Place of birth: Johnstown, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Also know as: Reg Parton


Regis Parton (1917-1996) was a Navy swimmer who made the 1940 US Olympic swim team although those Olympics were cancelled. He was working as a Santa Monica lifeguard when he started appearing in films. Reg was a member of the Stuntmen's Association. He was also Rory Calhoun's long time stunt double. Reg has appeared in many films including "High Noon" (1952), "Blood Alley" (1955), "The Mole People" (1956), "Spartacus" (1960), "The Great Race" (1965), "Planet of the Apes" (1968), "Freebie and the Bean" (1974), "Earthquake" (1974), and "The Stunt Man" (1980).