Lloyd Harting

Lloyd Harting

  • Birthday: 1901-12-01
  • Deathday: 1974-10-17
  • Place of birth: Little Falls - Minnesota - USA


Born in Little Falls, MN on Dec. 1, 1901. Harting studied at the University of Minnesota as an engineering major and then transferred to the arts. His continued at the Minneapolis School of Fine Arts, AIC, and the Grand Central School of Art in NYC. Over the years he was an art director for Walt Disney Studios and was associated with Brown & Bigelow, manufacturers of calendars. The U.S. Air Force commissioned him on five occasions to paint scenes in the Far East. He is best known for his western compositions of cowboys and Indians, wintery Midwest farm scenes, and the California missions in both watercolor and oil. He died in Orange County, CA on Oct. 17, 1974. In: U.S. Air Force collection. -http://www.askart.com/artist/Lloyd_Harting/3359/Lloyd_Harting.aspx