The Philly Kid (2012)

Genre: Action | Drama


A former NCAA champion wrestler is paroled after 10 years in prison. Now, to save a friend’s life, in a series of cage fights he must agree to do the impossible – lose.

The Philly Kid Trailer


Genre: Action, Drama
Year: 2012
Release Status: Released
Release Date: 2012-05-11
Production: Signature Pictures After Dark Films Autonomous Films Fourth Floor Productions
Language: English
Runtime: 94 min



Director: Jason Connery
Writer: Adam Mervis
Producer: Stephanie Caleb
Co-Producer: Christopher D'Elia
Producer: Moshe Diamant
Associate Producer: Stacy Frankel
Executive Producer: Steven A. Frankel
Associate Producer: Wayne Marc Godfrey
Producer: Lauren Ito
Associate Producer: Robert Jones
Co-Producer: Michael Klein
Associate Producer: Arnaud Lannic
Associate Producer: Christophe Lannic
Co-Producer: Christopher Milburn
Co-Producer: Lucy Mukerjee-Brown
Producer: Karri O'Reilly
Executive Producer: Bobby Ranghelov
Executive Producer: Jeffrey Silver
Executive Producer: Joel Silver
Producer: Courtney Solomon
Executive Producer: Gregory M. Walker
Music: Ian Honeyman
Cinematography: Marco Fargnoli
Editor: Andrew Bentler
Editor: William Yeh

The Philly Kid Movie

Genre: Action, Drama
Year: 2012