The Lost Samaritan (2008)

Genre: Action | Thriller


Director : Thomas Jahn

Cast : Ian Somerhalder, Ruta Gedmintas, Oliver Debuschewitz, David Scheller

Release Year : 2008

Everybody loves young handsome William Archer, who’s life is as ordinary as could be. Until one day, when he witnesses a terrible car crash. Determined to save the victims life, Archer gets him out of the car and races to the nearest hospital. But this good deed will not go unpunished. Little does he know that the man, whose life he tried to save, was meant to be killed by two FBI agents. From now on they are out to get him. A nightmarish chase begins. But out of the blue Elle, a beautiful young waitress, comes to his rescue.

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  • JM

    The worst movie I ever saw. No kidding.