Sex Pot (2009)

Genre: Comedy


Director : Eric Forsberg

Cast : Rollin Perry, Seth Adam Cassell, Michelle Penick, Lindsey Ahern

Release Year : 2009

A pair of losers discover a stash of weed with aphrodisiac powers.

Sex Pot Trailer


Genre: Comedy
Year: 2009
Release Status: Released
Release Date: 2009-08-18
Production: The Asylum
Language: English
Runtime: 90 min



Executive Producer: David Rimawi
Original Music Composer: Robert Bayless
Director of Photography: David McGrory
Editor: Marq Morrison
Editor: Mary Ann Skweres
Casting: Jude Tucker
Production Design: Marissa Leguizamon
Director: Eric Forsberg
Writer: Eric Forsberg
Line Producer: Anthony Fankhauser
Producer: David Michael Latt

Sex Pot Movie

Genre: Comedy
Year: 2009


  • karen logsdon

    Hey Rollin…. this is such a flashback…. I remember how you and Lindsey were so animated when you hung out together…. crazy shit you two pulled on unsuspecting victims.. simply stopped at a red light! She misses you! Ya know….something absolutely INSANE would happen… and I could see you sparkle in her laughing eyes as she reinacted some rediculous monologue of yours’ from “back in the day” You know the one… on the phone?! I crack the hell up as the picture of you guys and how you could get all the way through it without a bustin’ a gut! (still lmao) I knew you’d make it kiddo! The film is a hit here!!! Wayee better than the usual “wish you were here” photos! Anyhoo…You’re FABULOUS either way! We’ll be watching for the next one…Stub a toe..I mean…”break a leg” Hugs from home! Lindz Mom~ karen …………um..don’t…….REALLY….break anything…… uhh …. kayeee?!