Personal Effects (2009)

Genre: Drama


Walter is a rising star in the NCAA wrestling world until his life is ripped apart by the brutal murder of his sister. Returning home to console his mother Gloria he seeks vengeance on the man who is accused of the crime. A chance meeting with a beautiful mature woman gives him solace to the situation. Will this unlikely pairing bloom into a romance and heal a wound the world cannot see or will the loss of his sister push him over the edge?

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Genre: Drama
Year: 2009
Release Status: Released
Release Date: 2009-02-06
Production: Cinéfilm AG TADORA Filmproduktions
Language: Italiano English
Runtime: 110 min



Director: David Hollander
Screenplay: David Hollander
Producer: Christian Arnold-Beutel
Producer: David Hollander
Executive Producer: Stanton W. Kamens
Executive Producer: Lindsay MacAdam
Other: Rick Moody
Producer: Shannon McA'Nulty
Executive Producer: Tim McGrath
Producer: Brian Moraga
Producer: Gil Netter
Producer: Kirk Shaw
Original Music Composer: Jóhann Jóhannsson
Cinematography: Elliot Davis
Editor: Lori Jane Coleman

Personal Effects Movie

Genre: Drama
Year: 2009