Machete (2010)


Former Mexican Federale Machete plays by his own rules. After a harrowing encounter with drug lord Torrez, the shadowy Booth offers Machete the opportunity to assassinate the unscrupulous Senator McLaughlin. When Machete discovers he’s been set up, he turns to fierce taco queen Luz, armed holy man Padre, and socialite April to go after Booth, but before they can get to him, Machete’s gang will have to face blade-wielding ICE agent Sartana, who never met a man she couldn’t flay.

Machete Trailer


Genre: Action, Comedy, Thriller
Year: 2010
Release Status: Released
Release Date: 2010-09-01
Production: Troublemaker Studios Dune Entertainment Dune Entertainment III Overnight Films
Language: English Español
Runtime: 105 min



Director: Robert Rodriguez
Director: Ethan Maniquis
Producer: Robert Rodriguez
Producer: Elizabeth Avellan
Producer: Rick Schwartz
Screenplay: Álvaro Rodríguez
Director of Photography: Jimmy Lindsey
Casting: J.C. Cantu
Casting: Mary Vernieu
Costume Design: Nina Proctor
Original Music Composer: Chingon
Executive Producer: Ashok Amritraj
Executive Producer: Alan Bernon
Executive Producer: Ed Borgerding
Executive Producer: Myles Nestel
Editor: Rebecca Rodriguez
Editor: Robert Rodriguez
Screenplay: Robert Rodriguez

Machete Movie

Genre: Action, Comedy, Thriller
Year: 2010




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  • Viziam

    lol, I thought this was joke, I still cant believe its real, lol

  • Carl Blevins

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  • Vile

    Oh jesus christ. It’s a fuc’in movie. Shut up and get over it. I’ll be there opening night to see it.

  • realitycheck

    this is a frickin’ movie people just like the rest of them…it’s crazy to take any of these for anything more than sick entertainment

  • 2ndGeneration

    to Vile, you say this is just a movie…it is a movie to get a fight started.
    to realitycheck, I agree that is it sick entertainment, but not in a positive way.
    Hollywood is just putting out stupid crap like this just to make a buck.

  • American

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  • Carl Blevins IDIOTA!

    Estupidooooooooo It’s just a Movie!

  • ruru

    i <3 danny trejo! can't for this film! we didn't cross the borders the borders crossed cabrones!!!! aahooooaaaa!

  • Henry Jackson

    Good Lord Michelle Rodriguez is sexy as hell

  • Narodnik

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  • PrisonerFan48

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  • Brown Pride

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  • Matador

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  • Alix

    This is bullshit seriously this sh’t would be on the news if it was whites against any other race. Hating illegals or just wanting them out is NOT RACISM! They aren’t supposed to be here duh!

  • Antonio

    “If whites made a Movie that showed whites Killing Mexicans, then how many people would come out screaming racism?, Hispanic Director, Hispanic Movie Stars, and Hispanic Producer. NOW tell me this is not some racist shit !!!!!!”

    I’ll tell you whats racist. What’s racist is that no hispanic movie character EVER LOOKS OR ACTS LIKE ME. And every hispanic that looks like me play white(non-hispanic) roles. Andy Garcia for example. Every hispanic role is the stereotypical dumb dark FOREIGNER. As if all hispanics are immigrants, and we haven’t been in this country for years. So don’t cry and complain about racism. Because growing up latino in this ignorant nation (Who believe hispanic is a single race) I can’t think of one positive hispanic character let alone one that looks like me ever growing up. And I doubt I ever will. So go cry your crocodile tears to someone else.

  • Antonio

    Oh and this movie sucked big time!

    Two thumbs down.