Lo (2008)

Genre: Comedy | Horror | Romance


Director : Travis Betz

Cast : Jeremiah Birkett, Sarah Lassez, Ward Roberts, Devin Barry

Release Year : 2008

Love is a tricky little devil. It has the power to command great sacrifice from those it touches. Enter Justin. A loser who’s most exciting moment in any given day is the house salad/no dressing he orders on his lunch break from corporate HateMyJob. But when a bizarre and curiously naive woman named April shows up in his life, he is forever changed. Suddenly the world is bright and full of hope, and nothing could ever change that…until April is mysteriously kidnapped by demons. Finding an ancient summoning book amongst her things, Justin draws a circle on the ground and commands the power of the one demon marked in the book by a red ribbon. The demon Lo. While justin tries desperately to keep control of the demon he has summond, Lo has other plans for the tasty human who sits just inches away behind his protective circle. From singing demons, to talking hands, dancing bartenders and human sized rats, Justin’s love is put to the ultimate test, not to mention Lo’s ego. Love is Hell, and Hell is funny.

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  • Staci Gass

    I saw it this past year at the Austin Film Festival. I enjoyed it, and I was impressed at how great it really was on such a small budget. Great story, wonderful costumes and makeup. Good job!

  • Erika

    I just watched this movie on netflix and loved it!

  • chris

    i just watched this on netflix as well. it really is great, but i can’t find much about it online.

  • Mike

    i agree with both of you! i honestly didnt think it’d be as good as it turned out to be :D (and i just saw it on netflix too) lol

  • Lexie

    All the reviews I read on this movie said it was good. On netflix it was a 5 star movie. I got through the first 30 minutes of it and I honestly believe that there’s no way this is a 5 star movie.. I don’t get why everyone likes this movie. Just my honest opinion.

  • Chris

    Literally just watched this twice on netflix. It was amazing. I honestly thought it was going to be stupid. We couldnt stop laughing.

  • Travis

    I also watched it on netflix and was very impressed. 5 out 5 stars

  • NotQuiteSureWhat’sUpHere

    interesting comments i read on netflix is that people affiliated w/the LO movie have been visiting sites & putting their 5 out of 5 star ratings on comments. makes it a lil difficult to figure out… unless it’s one of those hate it or love it things to the extreme nth degree.

  • m

    I was amazed at how much I actually liked the movie, it is not a horror movie like you might want and or think, but good none the less. I liked it gosh darnit !!!!!

  • blah

    I would never say it is the best movie ever, but go into it with an open mind, and expect nothing (especially horror) and be surprised. It is must to watch it to the end to truly enjoy it. =D

  • RZ

    this movie made me shit laughing i loved it

  • Zerm

    Oh, gee. I loved this movie. I watched it on Netflix. I admit the guys acting isn’t that great, but for such a small budget it was really really well done. I give it a 5 out of 5 fer sure! Been thinking about it for days!!!!

  • Judy

    My fiance put this up for me on our Netflix, and I almost shut it off after the first couple minutes. Best decision of the week was keeping it on. I freaking loved this movie. It cracked my stuff up and the ending was so haunting. I’ve already watched it twice in the past 24 hours :D

    But I have a soft spot for low budget films, especially of this genre.

  • Eddie

    i watch this movie the other day and i was stuck deff 5 of 5. i dont like horror movies but it wasnt!!! =D

  • Rylee

    all i have to say is WOW! this movie is absoultely one of my favorite, and its hard to find a favorite movie. I am extremely afraid of scary movies and i actually had to shut it off for a while in the beginning because i was so scared of the part where lo comes crawling twoards justin but i built up the courage to watch the rest of it while thinking that this is going to scare the Sh*t out of me and i will never be able to sleep agian but i really suprised myself with how funny, yet creepy and awesome this movie is!! I LOVE IT!! :D best low budget movie ever!!! ♥ 5 out of 5!

  • NALO

    Saw it on netflix the other day.. Not what I expected , way better.. Loved it

  • Abby

    I really want to watch this movie, but I’m worried it will be too gory or horrific. I hate any type of gore but this looks like a great movie.

  • Aaron

    Yeah I heard people where putting up 5 stars on the movie on netflix too(I actually watched it because of that), now you see a lot of “I didn’t like the movie” comments and “I watched the first five minutes then cut it off.” But seriously this movie was amazing, the low budget part if it makes it actually crazy that it’s even that good. It’s breaks away from a lot of those tired movie cliches in my opinion. Though not a horror movie its one of the best I’ve seen next to Angel-A. Have to agree the ending is the best part of the movie, it was damn near like reading a good novel. This has hit one of my top favorites. And Travis will be right next to Tarintino and Tim in my book.

  • Emma

    it was alright……different than i thought though!!!
    what would u guys rate this movie?
    on a scale of 1-10
    10 being the greates what would you rate it?
    i think i would rate it as a 8 1/2
    <3 <3 8)

  • Yvonne

    I though it was stupid at first, but I continued to watch it and was suprised. I really liked it in the end. 4.5/5

  • Vel

    I really enjoy’ed this movie, sure it’s not the best looking movie in the world but i do have to say it does have one of the best storys.

  • john

    i almost turned it off halfway through…. and until i realized its just a lot of comic relief and suprise tactics used as a device to keep you guessing … or to keep you from guessing whats actually happening and who april really is.
    the ending made the annoying jokes and over the top facial expressions worth it

  • numbar3

    Anyone know the budget they had for this film?
    Really liked =D

  • Saku

    Its funny, low budget….but has a great ending. Check it out when your not sure what you want to watch.