Dragonball (2008)


Director : James Wong

Cast : Justin Chatwin, James Marsters, Jamie Chung, Emmy Rossum

Release Year : 2009

Dragonball: Evolution is based on the popular Japanese Manga created by Akira Toriyama, whose work spawned best selling graphic novels, video games and a phenomenally successful television series. The live action adventure centers on the heroic Goku, a powerful warrior who discovers his inner strength and protects the Earth from an evil rogue bent on dominating the Universe and controlling the mystical objects from which the film takes its name.

Dragonball Evolution is released in Cinemas on 8th April 2009

Dragonball Trailer

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Dragonball Movie


  • Archer

    OMG!! This looks terrible. Piccolo isn’t even green. Small mercy…Goku’s eventually in orange.

  • LDLD

    Wow, doesn’t look too good at all. Goku’s costume looks like something you can find in Party City.

  • Andemas

    This looks like a non-fan movie i.e. A steaming pile.

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  • pancho

    this look wrong…not good at all…i watch better fan movies in youtube…

  • henry

    for sum reason, this reminds me of Bullet proof monk film…

  • Dylan

    OMfG this movie is gonna be absoulutely fucking horrible
    Fans Are Not Gonna Be Happy

  • shabi

    I almost threw up when I watched this. Just stop production please.

  • donny

    You shouldn`t see this movie as an actual tribute or whatever to the actual anime series.

  • Terrence

    DO IT RIGHT, DON’T DO IT THAT ALL!!!!!!!!!! do not wreck it for Dragon Ball fans!!!!

  • D-Qwan Tyrell Jenkins Brown

    what the hell is this?!
    it looks NO GOOD!

  • anthony

    this isnt the offical trailer it doesnt have all the special effects&thats not piccalo its king pic

  • anthony

    king pic looks totally dif from regular pic but thats cuz king pic is way more evil

  • tusabes

    omg what the hell man! they gonna mess up dragonball! that sucks, piccolo isn’t even green!!!!!

  • Anders

    Dragonball is only ment for cartoon and anime not real picture

  • WTF?

    It doesn’t look like dragon ball anime.


    OMG this is the worse i can imagine! So many years I waited and this is the shit they pull up!

  • Man!

    And Piccolo has to be green man wtf is wrong with yall?

  • jojo

    What the f**k is That !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • scott

    that looked nothing like the cartoon
    what a fuc**ng disapointment…crap

  • PAUL


  • track12

    how can they have the guts to pull out a piece of shit like this?!

  • rob.

    James Wong should have never made a single movie in the first place.

  • benn

    oh man, this movie is gonna suck so hard, goku looks like shit….

  • Matt

    This looks really freaking bad! I might go see it just for the lulz.

  • robby

    this is going to suck so bad if only james and justin would die

  • rashy

    dont say the movie is crap until u actually see it, idiots.

  • dragonball lover

    I Thought the trailer was very good!!!!!!!! make the movie!!!!

  • #1 DBZ fan

    This movie’s gonna suck nothing like the show

  • roxie

    ive seen better dragonball characters at conventions

  • holyshi

    rashy: I WILL say this movie’s gonna suck. Not a SINGLE THING in this trailer looks promising. -_-;

  • chojin

    Well, FOX managed to kill the franchise after decades since they bought the rights to turn it into a live action.

  • Fan223

    This looks awful. They butchered it to shreds. I hope they lose money in theatres; that’d show ’em!

  • Artie Art

    this is horrible, i agree with EVERYONE. Nothing like the anime, Goku is SKINNY as fuc* this is WACK

  • Jeffrey, Va

    Maybe its gonna be like when dragonaball first started and not Dragonball Z.

  • Jeffrey, Va

    Maybe the studios will have him hit the weight room for the sequels. .

  • DragonReign713

    Trust me its gonna end up to be the best movie ever! LOL

  • mike

    um its dragonball not dragonballz….. so its gonna be a bit diff, but still doesnt look that good

  • rloe1979

    this is not even like dragon ball either

  • nosaj

    whom they think are gonna like this crap… dragon ball fans I doubt

  • DanD

    Stop complaining and just watch, it cant be just like the show. SO SHUT THE HELL UP!!!

  • John

    Anytime a movie come comes out, it is never like the original, or the book, or the video

  • John

    game, or the comic, or the TV show, or any other previous version and nobody really expects it to be

  • John

    . That would be so unimaginative, so uninspired. But this movie looks a little ridiculous, you

  • John

    have to admit. I think it could have been done their way and still stayed true to the story.

  • John

    If not, then why do a DRAGONBALL movie.

  • caitlin

    this is a joke right?

  • db-dbz-dbgt-uber-fan

    Have an open mind, people. Don’t discount the flick before you see it. The kiddies will love it! :-)

  • Zonemagorgo

    I hear they are making a Dragonball movie.

  • wtfffff

    WTF what where they thinking..”lets see how bad we can fuc* up a good thing”

  • whothehelldoyouthinkiam

    Good or Bad, don’t hate it because it isn’t a carbon copy.

  • Evadreaming

    Piccolo is not green cause they wrote in2 the movie that he turns green in the end.

  • Nozan

    This little trailer shows enough of how utterly crap it’s going to be.

  • mirko

    jeste vi normalni bre …….ko je dozvolio ovo snimanje. NEMOJ DA SE BRUKATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mykell

    This is all wrong the dragonballs where made by kami not no monks. Where krillin, tien, and yamcha?

  • Michael Davis

    The movie looks interesting but to be a DB movie it sucks it’s Amercainlize which means it sucks

  • I like dragon ball

    holly shit. that must the the worst piece of shit i have ever seen.

  • unimpressed

    This is gonna blow! I am not amused

  • Dragon ball lovers

    Fu*k! this is shit… whoever made this is fu*king shit… damn you who make this movie.

  • Vegita The Best

    respect the anime Picollo GREEN!Bulma with blue hair and a lot other things Wtf is wrong with you

  • Gotenks

    :))) Now this is going to be a funny disaster…. It’s gonna be crapish…such a shame

  • Annelisa

    Oh quit whining all of you. Not all movies are like the original so GET OVER IT.

  • tiredOfURStupidity

    had there never been a show called DB then ALL of u idiots would be saying That looks bad ass!

  • dragon ball fan since 1994

    this movie sucks. but hey, we can’t compare it to the manga nor the anime. movie versions usually suck. thank goodness salinger never allowed them to make a movie out of catcher.

  • Frik

    Ah, twas but a unreachable dream to believe that they wouldn’t take one of the biggest names of all time and exploit it for maximum profit from people who know nothing of the series.
    cheap directing, cheap acting, cheap plot…

    The only thing that’s ganna make people watch this movie is the title. Which is already pathetic enough with their cheesy “Evolution” thrown in.

    Worse still, if some truly visionary director comes actually wants to make a truly Dragonball film he may have to call it something other than DB to prevent it from being explicitly associated with something that can harm its rating – LIKE THIS SHIT

  • I hate Hollywood

    With the technology we have thses days, they could have at least made it close the anime. The only thing this has to do with the series is the names of the characters.

  • upsetdbfan07

    goku is fuc*ing american 1st off…originally pic does look like king pic till he gets older….their both green(nameks are green)…goku never went to high school…master roshi lived on an island from the time goku first met him to the end, never in a city…i’ll give em the fact that this is a movie but u can atleast try and stay with the same ideas as he original anime…i have no doubt this movie flops…did anyone actually watch the show before trying to make the movie??

  • upsetdbfan07

    not american*

  • Adrian

    Hi, don’t judge if you didn/t see the movie yet, it show that you have a very little brain and how old you really are. Watch the movie first and then …..

  • dragonballwinsnaruto

    the kamehameha can only light a candle and it can kill someone. i would settle for a giant burst of flames and explosions even when training this movie is fu*ked up they should ban this movie and the guy who made it should never make a movie again it hardly even follows the story line like normal ppls they thing familiar is their names and they all look like puss*s and piccolo isnt even green

  • goku..

    i totally dnt dig the humanised goku but hey you cnt expect humans to move fafter that cartoons its just madness,, it sucks coz your expectations wher too high …. to be honest the movie is fine