Against the Current (2008)

Genre: Drama


Director : Peter Callahan

Cast : Joseph Fiennes, Justin Kirk, Elizabeth Reaser, Mary Tyler Moore

Release Year : 2008

Paul Thompson is a successful, married 30-something financial writer and a happy, expectant father. But when tragedy strikes, Paul’s world is turned upside down. 5 years later, he decides to fulfill his dream by swimming the entire length of the Lower Hudson River – all 150 miles. He enlists his best friend Jeff and a schoolteacher Liz to come along, with all three looking for some soul-searching in their lives. Both tragic and humorous, AGAINST THE CURRENT is a compelling and uncompromising exploration of grief, loss and one’s right to determine their own fate, and the limits and responsibilities of friendship.

Against the Current Trailer


Genre: Drama
Year: 2008

Against the Current Movie