18 Year Old Virgin (2008)

Genre: Comedy


Director : Tamara Olson

Cast : Olivia Alaina May, Julia Putnam, Kim Argetsinger, Lauren Walsh

Release Year : 2009

In a series of sexual mishaps, a high school senior tries to lose her virginity on the last night before graduation.

18 Year Old Virgin Trailer


Genre: Comedy
Year: 2008
Release Status:
Release Date:
Runtime: min



    18 Year Old Virgin Movie

    Genre: Comedy
    Year: 2008


    • Billy Madison

      Here’s a nice piece of shit!

    • woot

      looks funny!

    • Tom Cruise

      i auditioned for this that part…but i didnt get it ;(

    • Roof Rat

      Where were these girls when I was growing up?

      Worth the rental. Nice female’s perspective.

    • robin Eggertsen

      I need to find out why my son was left out of the credits

    • clive adams

      robin, thank god that your son was left out of the credits. The acting & script is ridiculous.

    • steven goldberg

      This show sucks. I feel sorry for everyone associated with this film

    • mohcen

      is this what girls want????
      heheh it’s really …..i’m sorry i can’t say much words .

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    • janson

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    • mak

      even the trailer sucks!

    • watcher

      This was a complete waste of my life. By far one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Acting was awful, plot was worthless, music choice was insufficient…I could go on. Unless you are a guy home alone with a bottle of lotion, there’s no point to watching this movie.

    • zack

      Looks stupid and rediculous.

    • sozy

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    • kasey

      it really was funny and cute

    • Mary

      OMG; This movie had me n my husband cracking up……..def funny and def not for kids…..haha

    • cool

      it is funny movie

    • Hi. I’m smart.

      This movie looks like a disgusting waste of time. If any of you feel like using your brains, and NOT your hormones, or your dicks, you’ll skip this one.

      Come world! Are we really no better than this?!

    • Abbey

      Uhhm, wow, way to settle.
      That goes to every dumb ass who was associated with this film.

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    • LOL

      There is nothing wrong with being a virgin at 18 – This movie is propaganda , to much adultry and I did not see one drop of comedy in it aswell.

      I rate it 1.2/10 and I comment it as “the most fantastic unnecessary movie ever made on the whole galaxy”.


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      oh my god that’s horrible!! What ever happened to good movies?

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      I watched the first 10mins of this film.It was one of the most regrettable 10mins of my life i will never be ale to reobtain.This is the epitomy example of dollars being wasted upon actors who cant act and pointless movies scripts that resemble pornography.Gross.

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      Can anyone say… stupid movie

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      makes you want to shoot yourself.

      and a piece of advice… a hardly doubt girls think that way, so dont take this film as a lead sheet

      Adios boludos!

    • Brooke

      lmao. Omg i watched this at 3 in the morning and was laughing so hard. All that she went through just to lose her virginity smdh. Lol

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